Tips for Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding

The trend for going-green on your wedding is definitely here to stay. Opting for an eco-savvy wedding doesn’t just benefit the planet. It can also be budget friendly, more creative, and definitely more unique. So, if you’re a bride that’s concerned about the environmental impact of your wedding or you’re mindful of the sustainability of all your wedding details, this ones for you. Here are a few tips for planning a totally eco-friendly wedding.

The Eco-friendly Venue

The venue is usually the first item on the to-do list when planning a wedding. It sets the tone of your wedding, making it a good precursor to the going-green theme. You might want to research some beautiful outdoor locations such as a tranquil garden, a beachside park, the grounds of a historical building, a refurbished barn or even a hilltop. Outdoor weddings showcase the beauty of the environment and can provide a tonne of natural lighting. This not only reduces your carbon footprint, but is also great for wedding photographs.

If an outdoor location isn’t right for you, look for a space that will benefit from your event. Find a local museum, an art gallery or a community hall that will donate your fee to a good cause.

Sustainably Sourced Stationery

Go green by picking invitations made from recycled paper and non-toxic vegetable-based inks. You can also request your stationery designer to use a sustainably sourced paper stock that is FSC approved. Alternatively, you can opt for cotton paper, which requires fewer chemicals to make and produces far less waste when compared to regular printing paper. You could also go for bamboo paper stock, which is both sustainable and a renewable resource.

And if you want to go completely eco-chic, we love the idea of invitations made from seed paper! You plant the invitation and you get beautiful wildflowers, plants or even herbs.

Image: Botanical Paperworks

Do the Planet a ‘Favour’

Go for wedding favours your guests can use and reuse. We love the idea of edible favours, or free-trade coffee beans/teas. Alternatively donate to a local charity on behalf of your guests.

All Natural Décor

There is a plethora of eco-friendly options when it comes to decorating your wedding venue. When it comes to wedding flowers, look for blooms that are in season and pick locally sourced organic blooms to support home-grown businesses. Another great option is potted plants, which double as decorative and can be taken home as favours. For lighting, there’s nothing more romantic than candles. Ask your venue to use eco-friendly soy or honeycomb candles to light up a space. Other decorative items can be up-cycled finds — just remember to be creative!

Image: The Foundry

Organic Catering

These days organic, eco-friendly produce is easily accessible. Ask your caterer to source from local farm grown products, which will ensure the freshest finds and low environmental impact (it’s not being imported from across the globe!). Organic food includes organic drinks, too. Research local breweries for organic wines and champagnes. Or serve beautifully fresh juices, from a local juice bar.

The Bridal Gown

Now you might not want to go green here, literally, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding a pre-loved wedding dress (we love Brides Against Brest Cancer) or a brilliant vintage find. If you’re after a dress designed just for you, look out for brands that recycle fabrics or use sustainably sourced fabrics. Alternatively you can use the fabric from your mother or grandmother’s dress (if they give you the OK of course.)


Title Image: Rachel Thurston Photography

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