Eco-Friendly Beauty Products To Help You Go Green!

For a woman who wants to save the world while looking absolutely fabulous.

Face the facts, the average person lathers, rubs and sprays so many skin care products on their body every day. And since our skin is more sponge than barrier, we absorb just over a hundred chemicals without thinking of the consequence.

Consider yourself – the average woman – who loves to wear makeup every day and all it takes is a little understanding on how a little dab can soon begin to add up. Of course, no one really knows how certain chemicals affect us over time, which is why there’s always a solution to a girls many problems. Eco-friendly beauty products!

We have searched high and low for the best products on the market and dug deep into the dirt for some juicy tidbits you need to know before considering the change. We asked Jill Chambers of The Makeup Factory, Brett Coubrough of B.Coloured Hair and Cassandra Hilton, founder of Ocinium skincare about the benefits of using eco-friendly products!


The Makeup Factory


What made you want to start making your own beauty products?

Jill: I’ve been in the beauty industry for seventeen years and was really unhappy with the ingredients and fillers being used in a lot of products by the major brands. I’d been refining The Makeup Factory concept for a number of years and started the R and D process over 6 years ago.

The brand is now in it’s third year, so still very young….but we’re gaining some great traction in the market already and customers are really resonating with our beauty vision and philosophy.

What types of ingredients do you use?

Jill: I like to use as many native Australian ingredients as possible. Kakadu plum extract features heavily throughout the TMF. range and is the most potent form of Vitamin C and brilliant for the skin. The range is so clean that it’s actually good for your skin. Looking after the skin always comes first, and I wanted to create my range so that it’s an extension of a good skincare regime.

How do you feel about the eco-friendly beauty in the market today?

Jill: This space has grown so much in the last few years and will without a doubt become the ‘norm’ in the beauty market within the next 5 years .

It’s so brilliant that customers are really embracing green beauty and realising that just because a range is clean, it does not mean it won’t give you the same efficacy as the non green brands. Times are changing!

How has your experience been with selling your products?

Jill: Fabulous! Customers have embraced the brand since day one and have been so interested in what we’re doing.

Tell us a little more about the benefits of using vegan lipstick

Jill: Our vegan lips will give you the benefits of long lasting colour, without drying the lips.

They are essentially like a coloured lip treatment and contain organically certified conditioning ingredients such as rose oil, avocado oil, shea butter and jojoba oil.


KEUNE Haircosmetics

SO PURE color care

What made you want to start working with Keune Haircosmetics?

Brett: Keune and I go back a long time. In 2003 I opened my own Salon and decided to be Ammonia Free, when Keune introduced their ammonia free line I could not refuse as they are a company that I hold a great deal of respect for. Not only for their products but also for their core values and beliefs in the industry and for giving a great support network.

What types of ingredients does Keune use?

Brett: Keune use ingredients derived from natural origins and are sourced from suppliers who support the ecologically sound cultivation of raw materials. Keune manufacture products in accordance with the regulations and safety standards set by the Eu Scientific Committee to ensure safety and lessen any sensitivity or allergy potential. With Keune having one of the most advanced labs, they are always pushing their research to find and develop new technologies to fit into the So Pure philosophy

How do you feel about the eco-friendly beauty in the market today?

Brett: I think it’s great. Clients now have a choice of choosing between mainstream or beneficial environmentally friendly colour and products.

How has your experience been with selling Keune products?

Brett: It has definitely been a positive experience; b.coloured truly believe in the product which makes it easier to sell. Being a quality performing product we find its great value for money.

Tell us a little more about the benefits of using Keune Haircosmetics

Brett: For B.Coloured, we are about benefiting the client and maintaining a “cleaner air” environment. Keune offering an ammonia, sulfate and paraben free option is definitely a benefit for us.

Ocinium Skincare

All 8 Products Photoshopped 

What made you want to start making your own beauty products?

Cassandra: The catalyst was when I identified a niche gap in the Australian cosmetic market for luxurious, organic and high performance skincare without the toxicity. Over the past decade there has been an increasing amount of research validating the toxicity of synthetic chemicals such as BPA’s and Phlalates and the negative outcomes associated with their exposure being linked to endocrine (hormonal) and immune dysfunction. As a naturopath and also a meticulous researcher in all things health and beauty, I have also observed an increase in autoimmune conditions, endocrine and metabolic conditions, infertility and childhood neurodevelopmental conditions within my clinic practice. While the evidence is still out on the safety of many chemicals, skin reactions and chemical sensitivities are commonly reported with conventional skincare use. Not wanting to just be another organic brand within a booming market, my objective was to offer a unique point of difference and to increase the efficacy of organic skincare and the performance of ingredients beyond the “smell good and feel good” reputation often associated with organics. Subsequently I am excited to have developed and released a range of skincare based on performance, purity, safety and transparency of ingredients.

What types of ingredients do you use?

Cassandra: The foundation of our skincare range is built around cosmeceutical actives, plant based lipids, botanical extracts and pure essential oils. The inclusion of clinical active ingredients (also referred to as cosmeceuticals) within the Ocinium range is our unique point of difference and includes Retinol, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, CoQ10, Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E. We combine botanical extracts that work synergistically and potentiate each other’s activity to really up the anti on performance. Whilst the essential oils are wonderful for perfumery purposes, we select these in accordance with the benefits they offer to the skin and wellbeing, choosing pure essential oils to complement each formulas activity and purpose.

How do you feel about the eco-friendly beauty in the market today?

Cassandra: Eco-friendly beauty products reign supreme when it comes to environmental consciousness of good-for-health and good-for-the planet however, few organic brands have focused on functional and luxury packaging and performance of ingredients. Innovative natural and organic ingredients and packaging are at the forefront of research and development as consumer demand is exponentially growing this sector of eco-friendly skincare and this is not showing any sign of slowing. Whilst there is an increasing concern of the amount of “greenwashing” within the industry, largely driven by a lack of regulation, consumers are becoming more informed and are seeking out brands that are authentic, transparent and demonstrate integrity to an organic ethos.

How has your experience been with selling your products?

Cassandra: Ocinium has exclusively launched our e-store online and therefore a successful and strong online presence was crucial to the brands initial launch phase into the digital realm. Our main challenge has been educating our audience and overcoming the consumer skepticism around organics, often perceived as ‘feel good and smell good’ and not delivering on performance. A consumer needs to believe in a brand before making a purchase, therefore getting our key messaging of products and ingredients across with authenticity and integrity has been an important part of our sales model. We are identified as a niche brand within the Australian market, offering luxury, performance and organic cosmeceuticals and this has formed the core of our marketing and sales strategy.

Tell us a little more about the key benefits of using Ocinium

Cassandra: Purity, performance, safety and efficacy are always at the forefront of our minds in our quest for ageless beauty for our consumers. To achieve true benefits, we firmly believe in the use of actives to complement our organic ingredients. The inclusions of clinical active ingredients (referred to as cosmeceuticals) within our product formulations are scientifically proven to provide gradual and visible improvements to the skin with continued use. These actives address targeted skincare concerns such as pigmentation, loss of collagen and elasticity, lack luster, dryness, sensitivity and ultimately provide age-defiance. The potent antioxidant and nutrient rich activity also protects us against modern concerns that arise through environmental pollution and UV exposure, significant contributors to the ageing process. Most importantly, all our products are free of the toxicity of synthetic chemicals and processes that are increasingly being demonstrated as detrimental to your health and to the environment.


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