This woman fell in love again with her boyfriend after losing her memory

An incredible story of heartbreak and love!

Meet Jessica Sharman, a 20 year old girl who unfortunately suffered a series of seizures while with her boyfriend Rich Bishop.

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Similar to the events of the film, 50 First Dates, Sharman didn’t recognize herself or know who her boyfriend and parents were!

Doctors mentioned there was a 50 percent chance she could lose her memory again.. which means Rich will have re-do the relationship all over again.

‘Rich was able to make me fall in love with him twice — so I know he could do it again’, Sharman says.

This part makes us real sad.. Jessica, unfamiliar with her own parents, agreed to go back with them only because her reflection matched the girl in photos with them!

‘My mom started frantically digging out pictures of us on her phone to try to jog my memory.’

jess sharman

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Sharman was soon diagnosed with amnesia brought on by epilepsy. Doctors told her that her memory could return in six months, but it may never come back.

Boyfriend Rich has taken her for walks in the park, to their favorite restaurants in order to win back her heart [insert sad face]. Jessica’s parents have helped also by teaching her how to cook again.

Adapting to her new life, Sharman has a new job at a call centre.

Fairies, the power of love triumphs in the end!

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