Kiss cam proposal ends in epic fail

It’s probably an understatement to say that sports game proposals don’t always go as planned.

Having to endure the public humiliation of a rejected proposal is one-thing, but it’s another altogether when the prospective Groom loses the ring before he has even gotten the chance to pop the question.

Unfortunately, that is precisely what happened during a recent Atlanta Hawkes home game. Just in case anyone needed another reason to avoid kiss cams, when one man took the opportunity to get down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend it ended in apparent disaster.

In what presumably was intended as a sign of encouragement, an onlooker patted the man a little too enthusiastically on the back causing the ring to go flying before he was even able to pop the question.

The couple and the surrounding crowd immediately started searching frantically for the ring but it’s unclear if they were able to find it.

The incident soon went viral on Imgur and has spawned some funny Lord of the Rings references with one user commenting “But then something happened that the ring did not intend. It was dropped by the most unlikely creature imaginable.”

Some have deemed the incident staged based on the quick reaction of the crowd, which was admittedly comically cartoonish. If the proposal was indeed real, at least we can assume by the would be Bide’s frantic attempt at finding the ring and her obvious agitation at the back patting culprit that she wasn’t planning on saying no!

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