This Married At First Sight Petition Has Reached Over 33,000 Signatures

Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Married At First Sight has really been upping the drama this year, and we can’t say that we aren’t loving it.


Unless you’ve somehow managed to miss it, ads for the latest MAFS episode show one of the ‘experts’ saying the following to an initially unknown man,

“A tip from me to you, don’t use language like that if you want any chance of a relationship with a woman.”

At first, viewers of the reality show would assume the expert was talking to maybe Samuel or Mike, but alas, when the episode aired only a couple of nights ago, it was revealed that she had in fact, been talking to Bronson.

Now since this particular revelation, it’s safe to say that viewers were seriously shocked at the unfairness of the situation. Long story short, Ines is able to get away with non-stop emotional and verbal abuse towards Bronson from the moment she walks down the aisle, yet doesn’t cop any backlash from the experts for it, and when Bronson finally reaches his breaking point and calls her a C*#$, this is where the problem is? It sounds fishy to us.


So in response, a petition has arisen, calling for either the removal of the aforementioned expert or the issuing of a public apology.

In just 24 hours, the petition has had over 33,000 signatures. Woah. 

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section. Do you think the expert overstepped and treated Bronson unfairly?

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