Everything You Missed On EP1 of Married At First Sight

So we’re well and truly into 2019, and that means it’s finally time for all of our favourite reality TV shows to hit our screens.

There’s excitement all around as we park our rear ends on our couches, grab a glass of wine, or a few snacks, and get ready to feast our eyes on the most absurd concept modern-day television has to offer.

In case you actually have a life and didn’t get a chance to watch last nights episode, here is everything you missed on Married At First Sight.


First up, we get introduced to our participants as they attend their bachelor/bachelorette parties. While we thankfully don’t seem to have any misogynistic alpha males (see 2018’s Dean), there are a few interesting personalities.

So far, we’ve got a 29-year-old virgin, who also doesn’t drink, lovely Ines who actually said the words, “I want a baby daddy” and “one of my hobbies is just being in my bikinis”, and good bloke Nic, who unfortunately suffered from cancer a few years ago.

Our first couple to tie the knot were Jules and Cam, who honestly seem quite cute together. We especially give a big thumbs up to the couple’s first dance. Apparently, the sound system wasn’t working, which made Jules freak out. Goodman Cam, however, took things into his own hands and started dancing around with her despite the lack of music. Eventually, all the guests were up and dancing, and in all honesty, it was pretty sweet.


Of course, no drama makes for boring tv, so queue Nic and Cyrell, and Cyrell’s charming older brother, Ivan.

You see, Ivan was not at all keen on seeing his sister enter this ~experiment~ and he didn’t hold back. There was under-the-breath muttering, yelling out ‘that’s disrespectful’ when it was time for the groom to kiss the bride and an overall sour look on his face that was irritating to watch. Eventually, though, he got put in his place a little.


At the reception, Ivan pulled Nic aside for the standard man-to-man grilling, and when Nic mentioned that being sick is what kept him away from the dating game, Ivan assumed that ‘sick’ meant having the man flu, and Nic should toughen right up. You can bet it was quite the shock for him when Nic revealed that he had in fact, been suffering from cancer.

The night ended in the hotel rooms, where we, the audiences, were left with the lovely scene of Cyrell smacking Nic’s ass and listening to her make some weird and uncomfortable cat-calling noises.


Here’s to Married At First Sight 2019!


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