This Wedding is the ultimate Big Fat Gypsy Wedding inspiration post! 39-year old, Rebekah Markham Married 42-year old Kevin Smith just a few short weeks ago and her Wedding is already going viral.

Not only did Rebekah design her own $10,000+ Wedding gown, but she created it with acres of fabric, Swarovski crystals and metal hoops weighing a whopping 63 kilos! Reports are it took more than 20 minutes and a lot of help from her Bridesmaids just for Rebekah to put the extravagant gown on.

Rebekah (who is a travelling gypsy) arrived fashionably late to the ceremony (one hour) in a pink hummer limousine and wore a tiara fit for a princess, while she dressed her Bridesmaids in fuchsia pink ballgowns with matching crystals.

The couple, who’ve been dating for a year, styled the reception venue in pink and silver with live goldfish centrepieces, loads of bling and dozens of pink feathers. They hired a Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as well as a dwarf to entertain guests.

Rebekah admits to being a bit of a Bridezilla leading up to the Wedding, firing two of her Bridesmaids just weeks before the Big Day. She told Daily Mail, ‘One of them was my cousin and she wasn’t up to it and didn’t have the time so I got rid of her and we aren’t talking now. The other was a friend and she was too much of a drama queen and wanted it all to be about her. Two of my other cousins said if she turns up we will punch her and no-one wanted to sit by her so I had to get rid of her too.’






Images courtesy of Dave Evitts at Original article from Daily Mail

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