UK-based Bride and Groom, Hannah West and Mark Jefferies, were in the middle of having their Bridal party photos taken for their Stroud Wedding when Hannah’s sister and Bridesmaid Faye, spotted a baby gosling in distress.

The baby goose was being separated from its parents in the lake behind where they were getting their photos, by a ‘mean’ black swan.

The swan was attempting to drown the baby goose, so Faye kicked off her heels, raced into the water, shooed away the swan and saved the goaling, bringing it back to shore to be with its parents and other goslings.

Groom, Mark said, “It is making us newlyweds smile during a week where we are breathing a big sigh of relief that the big day went well and with no gosling fatalities in the photos.”

It was photographer, Rosie Hardy‘s first wedding shoot and she caught the entire thing on camera and posted it to her Favebook page.

“I didn’t expect a bridesmaid to jump into the lake mid-formals to save a baby gosling being stolen from its parents and drowned by a big black nasty swan!”

“Faith in humanity: restored. What a hero!”

Faye is due to get Married this September and we’ve confirmed that she won’t be tying the knot anywhere near a lake.


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