Brazil has some of the world’s most opulent and colourful Weddings. So, whether you’re after some serious inspiration or you’re trying to plan a Brazilian Wedding, here are nine great stylists who can give you the Big Day you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Daniel Azevedo

The King of event styling. Daniel’s work dazzled us from head to heels. danielazevedocerimonial MAIN

2. Charles Eventos

A combination of exquisite chandeliers and beautiful flowers never looked so collectively amazing. Goals. charles.eventos main

3. Karla Matoss Cerimonial

Every event styled by Karla is completely different and we love knowing there’s a woman who can diversify her services. Every bride wants their own wedding and that’s what’s provided. karlamattoscerimonial main

4. Tais Puntel

Bright is the new black this season and the vibrancy that Tais Puntel produces for each event brings out the happiness within us all! taispuntel MAIN

5. Luciano Almeida

Turn the lights on and only then will you truly appreciate how intricate Luciano’s work is – so much so that his work with fairy lights make every reception he styles look like a fairy-tale. lucianoalmeida MAIN

6. Patu Anu

Introducing a contemporary-themed Wedding stylist. White flowers, silver draping, grand chandeliers – we’re so impressed by the modern approach that stylists have successfully pulled off to suit a very romantic moment.patu main

7. Kaka Fagundes Decoracoes

Dare to be different with the bold sublime look to your reception that this team can provide for you. Let’s do open pinks, oranges and yellows and let your place of Marriage give off happy vibes! kakafagundesdecoracoes main

8 Casar Décor

Casar Décor is the team for you if you’re forever in love with the vintage style that captures our hearts. Adorned pink roses entwined on stairways, soft romantic candles, earthy backdrops… *sigh* casardecor main

9 Katia Criscuolo

Greens are Katia’s best friend for styling, and once you see her work, greens will soon be yours too. The simplest twists to a guest table goes a long way and, as a whole, her tropical theme has got us going in circles saying, ‘wow’. Using Brazil to her advantage, she works with her location to expose her great talent of styling. katiacriscuolo MAIN Main image photographed by Rafael Bigarelli.

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