This artistic couple told their love story through 3D Mapping technologies

Never underestimate wedding creativity! This artistic couple treated their guests to a digital representation of their love journey through 3D Mapping technologies. Although he was put in the friendzone for a while, Foad told Lynne (his new wifey) that he was going to marry her before the event started dating. We spoke to the Bride, planner and 3D creatives and they told us more about this beautiful Lebanese wedding. 

Love Story

All great love stories start with friendship! Most of the time you don’t even know your future husband is standing right in front of you until years later. This was the case for Lynne, she told us, “we’ve been friends through friends for a very long time, then we started talking on the daily, both our souls knew we were soul mates. He would always say he was going to marry me (before we dated), then he actually made it happen! He threw me a surprise proposal gathering, then we started planning both our dream weddings”.


Worldwide Wedding & Event Designer Paul Nasr, enlightened us on the planning process which “took around 8 months” to arrange. He mentioned that “the couple lived abroad not in Lebanon”, they had “several meetings online and they knew exactly what they wanted which made it easier for us to design the wedding theme”. Paul enjoyed working with the couple through the events entirety and said “working with them was fun”. 

The wedding took place at Dar el Mir in Chouf, Lebanon as the couple “wanted to do the wedding in Lebanon to keep the traditions”. The Bride had “always wanted a day wedding in [her] parents’ home” and they chose this venue “because [they] wanted to feel magical and have a garden theme with loads of greenery”. Paul Nasr expressed that “the wedding design projected the character, traditions and profession of the Bride and Groom”. Elements from both partners’ personalities were incorporated into the wedding, their guests were introduced to a castle installation, 3D Mapping technology and an artistic vision like no other. Paul communicated that “The castle was the fairytale classical story the Bride always dreamed about and the huge wedding dance floor was the vision of the Groom since himself is an artist and a painter”.

The innovative 3D mapping technology, represented the couple’s story through a 3 dimensional lens. The Bride stated that “both Foad and I enjoy visuals, so we decided to do the 3D mapping and Foad as an artist wanted to put the vision to life. He’s always loved nice visuals and animated things that tell a story. Each part of the 3D mapping represents things between him and I that led us to our wedding day”. The audience witnessed an animated presentation of their two different identities merging into one on the styrofoam castle facade. The 3D mapping creators, Plana Creative told us “the groom is a graffiti artist, we did something for him where he’s featured doing a piece on the facade. We shot him separately on chroma and added it to the sequence. 3D Mapping is truly trending and will continue to grow in 2023 along with other mediums like AR and VR, Virtual production is growing”. 

A big day filled with loads of creativity and love, this wedding was a “combination between classical and artistic design making this wedding a unique one”. Paul continued to say “it proved that it’s possible to have two extremely different moods in one wedding”!

Advice to Future Brides

“Not stressing much about everything was the best thing I ever did, it made the planning process more romantic. Not having it be the only topic of conversation to keep the excitement going. And that the Bride and Groom’s energy make or break the wedding”.

Photography: Patrick Sawaya
Photography: Patrick Sawaya
Photography: Patrick Sawaya
Photography: Patrick Sawaya


Groom: @fh.visual

Wedding Planner and designer @bypaulnasr 

Dress designer: @michael5inco 

Venue: @dar_el_mir

Hair: @tonyelmendelek

Makeupartist: @bassamfattouh 

Photography: @patricksawaya

3D Mapping @planacreative

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