Our Favourite Groom Reactions

Nothing brings a Groom to tears (both joy and laughter) like a Bride on her wedding day! From rolling tears filled with admiration to hysterical outbursts, here are our favourite Grooms reacting to their brides for the first time.

  1. Not the Bride he was expecting! This Groom got the shock of his life when he turned around to his Bride….cough cough best mate.
  1. Just crying over here watching this Groom’s priceless reaction, he’s set the bar high for all of the future Grooms #bringonthewaterworks

3. No countdown could prepare him for that moment, this Groom was crying before his Bride even walked down the aisle.

  1. Moments like this make everyone want to walk down the aisle! Pinching himself, this Groom couldn’t believe the beauty before his eyes and nearly forgot to turn around to say I do!
  1. An uncontrollable lip quiver for this Groom,  showing just how overwhelmed he was when he laid his eyes on his Bride for the first time…he tried holding back but his emotions got the best of him.

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