These Are The Latest Trends In Wedding Entertainment

Wedding entertainment has changed significantly and has evolved in so many ways, there is no doubt about it!

Sticking to traditional instruments used to get the crowd going, however, entertainment today has definitely been taken to a whole new level with the wide range of options out there.

Cultures have a huge influence on wedding entertainment trends. Yianni from One Round Entertainment explains that “DJ’s have become a necessity, photo-booths are seen at most events and traditional musicians like Bouzouki, Bongos, Lebanese drums and clarinets are growing increasingly more popular.”

Yianni also points out that “it is the creativity of putting different types of entertainment together in a schedule that keeps the night exciting” and we couldn’t agree more!

Calopedos Music is also another huge hit in the wedding entertainment stream, particularly for all our Greek Fairies. The Bouzouki is an amazing element at any Greek function and this will defiantly get the party started at your wedding!

Central to the heart of entertainment is being able to connect with your wedding guests and this is the secret that will undeniably create an unforgettable event.

Culture, music and great entertainment is what it is all about!

You can meet both One Round Entertainment and Calopedos Music at Wedded World this year. To see all other suppliers who will be joining us on the night, view the entire list here!

Feature image via Inlighten Photography

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