Donny Galella’s expert advice for picking the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your girls

Celebrity stylist and Wedded World 2019 host Donny Galella reveals his must-know tips for when it comes to shopping for your bridesmaid dresses as well as upcoming trends and his go-to brands for every bride squad. 

Donny Galella is one of the most in-demand fashion stylist, personal shopper and makeover expert, we got a chance to sit down with him and get some pro tips and advice about shopping for bridesmaids dresses.

Fairies we all know that shopping for your wedding dress is difficult enough, let alone shopping for a group of your closest friends. So, keep Donny’s tips in mind when shopping for your bridesmaids dresses.

Wedded Wonderland: What should brides be mindful of when styling their bridesmaids?

Donny Galella: We have to remember every woman’s body is different and unique. I am a massive fan of finding a dress for each bridesmaid to look beautiful and individual. I love when brides will choose one colour scheme and every bridesmaid wears a slight variation of a style like a different neckline, length, sleeve or no sleeve and I think it’s truly beautiful and personal and respectful of your bridesmaids rather saying hey, you all have to look the same and you have this one dress to choose.

It can look very nice if all your bridesmaids have similar body shapes but I think when they are all individual, it’s beautiful to think about your girls and think about their body shapes. You want them to still look good on your special day as well so that’s my number one piece of advice.

WW: What are some of your favourite colours for bridesmaid dresses?

Donny: I always love the jewel tones; I just think they look beautiful with a lot of skin tones and they are always very flattering and come out beautiful in photos. Colours like deep reds, ruby, emeralds, I think they look great!

I’m also becoming a fan of the metallics, first I was a bit dubious and now I’m loving them, if done right. Metallics can go either way, they can be very shiny and cheap looking or they can be a bit more matte and luxe, so you just got to be careful with metallics but I do love them.

And the whole classic black and white I think is always beautiful and bold when done right. Very chic and again, it’s all about choosing the right dresses for the body and the right suits for the boys. It’s all about planning the girls’ dresses and always think about what the boys are going to wear because sometimes I see a bridal party and they look like they’re all going to a funeral but that can be alleviated. Say if the girls were going to wear black, the boys can wear white.

It’s all about balance in your bridal party so think about your whole bridal party harmoniously don’t just think about the girls and then the boys as a last-minute thing.

WW: Are there any upcoming trends in bridesmaid dresses or accessories?

Donny: I have noticed a lot with my styling, brides want a lot want to do more metallics and a lot of heavier embellished dresses that are in now. I’ve seen the big power shoulder which is really funny cause when you think of the late 80-90s bridesmaids, the really big padded dresses with the really big shoulders that my sisters used to wear and now they are coming back in fashion which is crazy. Everything cycles I guess, but that’s another big trend that we are seeing.

I think also the big designer dress phenomena that is happening, that’s becoming a big trend now and bridesmaids are hiring a dress and hiring designer label dresses like Balmain, Saint Laurent or a dress that would usually never be affordable. I am all for hiring a dress, I think it’s great, it’s very sustainable for the economy and good for the environment.

WW: What are some of your go-to brands for bridesmaid dresses?

Donny: I always love White Runway because it’s a one-stop shop. You go in there and there are so many brands and styles. 
Elle Zeitoune is definitely a favourite, I spend many weekends in their Paddington boutique with bridesmaids, helping them all choose. I have such a great success rate with what they have there. J’adore is another. It’s at such a good price point and so many styles. And then if I’m not working a brand I’m getting things custom made for all the girls. 

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