The Non-Committal Man: The Bachelor Finale Confirms What We’re All Thinking

By now, we’ve all seen the catastrophe that was the Bachelor finale. If you haven’t, well then girl, get it together.

Last night’s episode was the moment we had all been waiting for. We all hung around for a rather dull episode to see which of the two beautiful women would capture Nick ‘Honey Badger‘ Cummins’ heart. Personally, we’ve had our money on Brittany from pretty much the get-go, and when Sophie stepped out of the car first, we thought we had it in the bag.

Until that is, Nick decided to absolutely stun the nation and tell Brittany that she too wasn’t the one for him. It really was the shock of the year, and we’re still not quite over it. We even expected to see Brooke pop out from behind the camera and be swooped up into Nick’s gigantic arms, but that didn’t happen either. At the end of the day, we think we can all agree that this season was a complete waste of everyone’s time. Thanks, Nick.

After an entire season of sweet talking and ridiculous, yet charming, bogan phrases, we all fell a little for the Honey Badger, but just like with all good things, that certainly came to a crushing end. Thanks to his inability to appreciate the wonderful women around him, sit in complete silence while these poor ladies poured their hearts out to him and only know how to respond with an intense make-out, instead of just talking, Nick has now become the poster boy for the type of men we really aren’t keen on. He’s gone ahead and confirmed our fears that men just can’t commit and we are so over it.

If you managed to see it coming from a mile away and knew that Nick was going to chicken out at the last minute, then bravo to you; we are impressed. For the rest of us often blindsided by love, at least we have something to learn from all this; if he won’t tell you how he really feels, then make like Brooke and head on out of there. It’s just not worth hanging around someone who can’t completely invest in you.

To close The Bachelor for 2018, we’re going to leave you with this little tidbit from Britt’s dad:

“I don’t have a great deal of respect for football players in terms of their relationships with women”.

Well, who would’ve thought he’d be the voice of reason we all needed?


Cover photo by: @thebachelorau

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