Brownlow With A Bump: All The Expecting Mothers We’ve Spotted

The Brownlow Medal for 2018 has come and gone and we’ve yet again witnessed another spectacular night of gorgeous gowns, hunky athletes and stunning WAGS. If you’re like us and you’re just not that invested in the world of sports, then we’re sure you’ll still be interested in the red carpet shenanigans, because we know we certainly are. Usually, we’d just fawn over all of the magnificent beauties and then move on, but there was something that caught our eyes last night.

You see, we couldn’t help but notice just how many expecting mamas there were! One glowing face after another kept showing up on the red carpet and they simply blew us away. They totally rocked the Brownlows, and for good reason.

After a sneaky look through all of the images of the night, we spotted six stunning women sporting baby bumps, and because they were too cute not to share, we’ve decided to bring them to you so you can be in just as much awe as we are.

For any expecting Fairies out there, these women are the perfect inspo to help you rock your next event, even with that little plus one in tow. And if you just can’t get enough of these six ladies, then check out the celebrities who prove that maternity wear can actually be chic.



Hester Brown and husband Ben Brown



Marnie O’Connor with Sebastian Ross



Stacey Kimpton



Nadia Bartel and Jimmy Bartel



Jordan Ablett



Belinda Cunnington and Ben Cunnington


Cover photo by: @nadiabartel

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