This is the One Thing All Couples Should Invest in

You may have picked your gown, bridal party and wedding planner, but do you have a love coach?

The answer is almost always no, yet this is the one small investment to bullet proof your relationship and live happily ever after…

We are never taught how to do relationships properly and the staggering statistic around break-ups, affairs and loss of joy in a marriage can be avoided by investing in some love coaching! And you don’t have to be in a struggling relationship to attend this course. We highly recommend it to future Bride and Grooms to be to keep an exciting, connected and loving partnership for life!

rescu me academy

Annie Gurton, love coach from RESCU Me Academy has put together an incredible and uplifting course that is the ultimate investment in your future happiness and contains the secrets to maintaining your relationship forever. In this short course, you’ll learn how to create the most connected, loving, committed relationship of your life, and we feel the course is such incredible investment for Brides and Grooms to be.

rescu me academy

Some of the highlights of this course include how to stop arguments in their tracks, bulletproof your relationship from affairs, negotiate what you want without fighting, communicate on the big subjects of money, kids, in-laws, re-ignite the spark at any time, communicate so your needs are heard, understand and eliminate jealousy, manage external influences that can hurt a relationship, set boundaries, overcome personality clashes, and keeping the sizzle and romance alive.

rescu me academy

These are the strategies, actual techniques and the science behind a happy, long-term relationship presented by a highly respected therapist.

The course has video lessons, worksheets, scripts and quizzes that will give Brides and Grooms to be the skills and tools to have the best relationship of their lives.

This is such a unique asset Fairies, and would definitely recommend it!

Invest in your relationship here. Wedded Wonderland Fairies use Discount Code: EVERAFTER to save $50 when signing up, and you’ll also receive a free full size cleanser from Elizabeth Arden.



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