It’s a fact of life that the experts know best. It doesn’t matter how intelligent your lawyer bestie is, you’d never let her finish your makeup; much like you’d never let your wedding gown designer anywhere near your hair straightener.

So when we got the chance to ask Australia’s most well-known skincare experts their #1 winter tip, we jumped at the opportunity.

Get the pens and papers ready, Fairies; because you’ll want to take notes on these gems!

Use a Serum; many women tend to skip this step, however if you find your skin needs a little more hydration and nourishment during the cold months, this is your answer.  Find a lightweight, hard-working serum that penetrates the deepest layers of the skin and is jam packed with potent hydrating ingredients and antioxidants. – Napoleon Perdis 

Avoid overly hot showers. It might be cold outside but turning up the heat in the shower can further dry out the skin. Try to keep a medium water temperature and keep showers short. – Karen Varker, NeoStrata

Sleep on a silk pillow with at least 400 thread count. It helps prevent the formation of facial lines, as it doesn’t draw moisture from your face which is prone to being dry in winter. Also, look for products that contain Hyaluronic acid. It’s an ingredient that is like adding rocket fuel to your moisturiser as it increases your skin’s ability to retain moisture over time.Rosi Chapman, skincare expert and founder of Transformulas

To promote nail growth, rub oil into your cuticles every night whilst watching TV. I recommend using cuticle oil or even cooking oil from the kitchen!Karon McKendrick Taylor Celebrity Manicurists from FABY Nails Australia

Winter often becomes an excuse for many of us to stray from our healthy eating habits – something which plays havoc on the skin, as well as the waistline. Try implementing a whole foods based cleanse and consider cutting gluten, dairy and refined sugar for a week or two. Winter is the perfect time to do it, as we aren’t as social during the cooler months. If you want glowing skin, you’ve got to look after it from the inside! – Emily Devereux Dietlicious 


Don’t skip the exfoliation step during the winter months. Believe it or not, mild exfoliation can actually help dry skin. This is because it removes the build-up of dead skin cells that are blocking the moisturising ingredients from getting through. I specifically developed indeed labs powder Exfoliator to allow customised exfoliating regimes for different seasons.Dia Foley, Indeed Labs

As we all know, skin gets dry during the winter months so it’s even more important to stay hydrated to keep our skin nice and healthy. If you find that you need more than just a moisturiser, a good trick is to leave a hydrating mask on overnight as it can do absolute wonders! (I like the glam glow hydrating mask!) – Jess Aleks, Beauty and Fashion Blogger

For me it’s all about keeping it simple, less is more. Nothing beats a good cleanse and a face mask, I’ve been loving my black clay mask from NKD BODY lately! – Brittney Saunders, YouTube Blogger and Beauty Queen

The most important thing in caring for our skin in winter is extra hydration. Swapping from a foaming to perhaps a cream or moisturising cleanser is paramount along with switching from a light to a richer moisturiser. This will help combat the effects of the cold air outside and heated conditions inside. As always, drinking lots of water is also so important. – Craig Beaglehole, Makeup artist and Simple expert


When thinking of Winter superfoods for the skin think brightly coloured veges such as sweet potato, beetroot, spinach, carrots & broccoli. The brighter the vege, the higher the nutrient content & the better for the skin – Susie Burrell, TV dietician and Simple expert

Drinking lots of coconut water through winter is a must to keep your skin plump and nourished as it’s natures greatest hydrator. – Tania Zaetta, TV Presenter, Natural Beauty Therapist and Pilates Instructor

After a long hot bath, be sure to slather yourself in a rich body lotion.Aliya, LUSH Cosmetics

Know what skincare products work together, and how they benefit your specific skin type during the different seasons, such as Winter as your skin reacts differently to the changing weather. One product can’t do it all. – Paula Begoun, Paula’’s Choice

Keep it natural and try using virgin coconut oil. This is the ultimate beauty multitasker and can be used as a nourishing body moisturiser and cleanser, neutralising skin toxins and bacteria on the outer layers of the skin. – David Freeman, Founder of H2Coco

In Winter, the transition from hot, dry rooms to cold, windy outdoors in winter that can leave your skin zapped of moisture. Make sure you’re moisturising regularly, drinking plenty of water to hydrate yourself from the inside-out and if you’re still not getting any relief, try adding a humidifier into an artificially heated room for some extra moisture. – Robyn Hutch, Nivea Skincare Expert


Taking fish oils, (like Skintrition EFA’s) all year round supports skin health from the inside out by ensuring maximum hydration and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory benefits. – Marie Enna-Cocciolone, INSKIN COSMEDICS

Our lips need their own care regime during the winter months – the cooler weather brings about artificial heating, windy weather and many other elements which wreak havoc on the lips. Much like the skin on your face, you need to exfoliate, treat and moisturise your lips to keep them in top condition. A light exfoliation will help buff away chapped and peeling skin on the lips, a deep treatment helps to nourish and the moisturising helps to protect the lips and adds a glossy finish to keep them looking their bestMaria Gabriel, Creative Director of Make Up Store Australia

Change up your summer moisturiser to an oil-based one, it will create a protective layer on your skin that will retain moisture.Julie Warhorse, Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse

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Smoothie, raw nuts and health balls from Dietlicious.



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