The girls of Bollywood are always impeccably made-up, with killer brows, sleek contouring, bright lips and refined eyes. Their look is movie star perfect and takes an experienced artist to apply; however there are a few insider tips and tricks you can use in your makeup routine to give it a Bollywood-inspired touch.

We spoke with Shakereen from the MakeupGuru to give us the 5 things Bollywood has taught us about makeup.

1. Strobing

It’s official; strobing is the next big trend in makeup. It’s known as the anti-contour, but truth be told, this has been used on Indian and ethnic skin tones for years. It’s all about bringing brightness and light to bounce off all the right areas of the face. To replicate this at home, use subtle cream formulas, blending the product on the top of the cheek and brow bones, above the Cupid ’s bow, and across the forehead and décolleté. This trend is definitely asking that skin to rock some natural glow, and is perfect for the upcoming summer months!


2. Embrace Colour

Eager to try something different on that pout? Bold and bright shades never really let a girl down and used in the correct way, offer a lot of versatility with your makeup. Traditionally on Indian skin, bold colours bring focus back to the face and balance out the ornate colourful outfits worn. The most important thing is to ensure you are working with colours that compliment your skin tone, as opposed to washing you out. For deep skin tones, I recommend berry shades (like plums, reds or crimson). For our lovely ladies with olive and medium tones, try cherry, corals, and rosy pinks. For the porcelain and fair, opt for peach shades and blue based reds which offer a stunning contrast. Dabbing a bit of that lip colour on the cheeks as a stain, will really help tie the overall look together!



3. Traditional is Out

Ornate headpieces have always had a special place in Indian sub-continental cultures; whether it’s precious metals, stone-work, or delicate jewels, it’s an added element of beautification for the bride. For our modern day brides, headpieces are a welcome change for those who want to add extra sparkle and detail to their look, giving them the opportunity to try something other than the traditional veil. Statement pieces are very on-trend at the moment and many brides are using custom-made headpieces as complimentary to their overall look and work their makeup and hair to suit. When considering head jewellery, it’s best to have your dress as inspiration and keep in mind your face shape, forehead space, as well as hairstyle options. To confidently rock the headpiece, be sure to start your search early, ideally just after finding your dress!


4. Brow Game is Strong

We all know that eyebrows can completely transform the shape and look of someone’s face. Indian makeup has had a distinct appreciation for strong eyebrows, whether arched or rounded. We like them naturally thick, and the longer the brows, the better! Classic Indian makeup provides the illusion of the perfect almond eye-shape, and the brows play a big part in helping to achieve this. Using eyeshadow tones similar to your brows, you can build up colour on the brows slowly and create any shape to compliment your eyes. I recommend using an angled brush to first draw a light outline for the bottom of your brows out to the end of the lashes, and then create a similar line on top from where the hair becomes darker. Try to create an arch ¾ of the way in to each brow. Lastly fill in the outline with soft gentle strokes in the same direction of the hair growth and set with brow gel. There’s a saying in the makeup industry, we believe that “eyebrows should be sisters not twins” – so no need for parallel eyebrows, just the illusion of looking similar! This not only brings focus back to the eyes and allows an outline to be created for eyeshadows on the lids, but also helps shape your entire face.


5. Fall in Love with Eyeliner

Both Twiggy and Bollywood superstar Sharmila Tagore are famously known for their vintage winged makeup looks. When done correctly, anyone can pull of a stunning winged look. It all comes back to understanding the shape of your eyes, as well as the space available between your eyelids and brows. Whether you’re using gel, liquid or pencil, the line itself should be precise and help give the illusion of bigger eyes. If you’re looking for that perfect line, start by joining an outline of a sideways shaped “V” that’s pointing towards your nose against the edge of your eye, line it up parallel to match the end of your eyebrows, and then fill inwards. Practice makes perfect, and before you know it – you too can be an expert like our 1960s icons.


MakeUpGuru: Shakereen Chowdhury has always been in love with the world of creative beauty and artistry. Her originality and professionalism continually exceed expectations with her experience as a henna artist in Sydney and Canada for 13 years, and as a makeup/hair stylist for almost 10 years.

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