If winter was a woman, she would be pale, wrinkly and have stringy, dry hair. During the cool winter months, we spend more time indoors with the heater on high and because of this, our skin can suffer. With the help of Sarah Marie from Sarah Marie Makeup, we’ve put together the 5 biggest winter makeup fails, along with some quick and easy fixes!

FAIL: Chapped lips under lipstick

FIX: After brushing your teeth (while your lips are wet), gently rub a toothbrush over your lips in a circular motion. This will gently remove dry excess skin and smooth your lips. I always follow up by applying an alcohol-free super hydrating lip balm on the lip area for 5-10 minutes before applying any lipstick. This will help to hydrate and plump the lips and keep even your most matte lipsticks looking smooth and sultry all day.


FAIL: Pasty skin

FIX: Everybody needs a set of winter makeup. Your skin tone and texture will always change which means you can never wear your summer foundation colour during winter. Match your foundation to your chest colour rather than buying the same foundation colour every time. Remember you should always go slightly lighter in foundation than darker, otherwise you will end up with a dull dark face and a white body which will make you look tired. Always try the foundation on your whole face and leave it on to settle for that day. This will give you time to make sure the foundation texture and colour is working well for you. After setting with translucent/smoothing setting powder, lightly brush bronzer down the side of the face To gain more colour and life. Add a slightly pink or pinky brown blush on the apples of the cheeks to complete your new fresh winter look. This is the best way to still have colour and life in your fairer skin toned months.
Extra tip: Using a cream contour palette as a colour mixer to go lighter or darker with your current foundation will mean you wont need to buy as many foundation colours.


FAIL: Dehydrated skin

FIX: Avoid mattifying primers at all costs during winter as they will dry you out, instead opt for a hydrating primer or a barrier cream. Barrier creams will block-out any environmental damage caused by wind, pollution and air conditioning. Use a gentle cleanser and exfoliant during winter, as a stronger product may dehydrate you. The health of your skin will always come through your makeup, so it’s essential you pay close attention to it. 8

FAIL: Dry eye skin causes concealer to crease

FIX: Never use anything other than products specifically designed for the eye area close to your eyes. These products are made to be gentle and moisturising, so will limit any damage. To minimise eye creases, invest in a hydrating, waterproof and full-coverage concealer. A creamy rich texture will be better than a matte and it prevents your eye area drying out. 7

FAIL: Smudging mascara

FIX: This could be caused by your eyes watering more from wind/allergies or by using richer textured concealer/foundation near the eyes (which you will need to do if like most of us you are suffering dehydration). Also make sure your skin care/primer is not in your eyelashes, this can cause your mascara to slip off. Bake the under eye area with translucent powder for 30 seconds then thoroughly buff away before applying mascara. Follow by using a waterproof mascara. Contrary to what some people say, waterproof mascara will not damage your lashes as long as it is removed correctly. This will be the only way to stop your mascara from smudging. Remove with an oil/water mix base eye makeup remover.


Sarah Marie is one of Australia’s most sought after freelance makeup artists and has built up a strong reputation through her ability to capture not only glamorous and fierce high-end fashion creations but also more natural and elegant bridal looks. 5

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