10 Chic Bridesmaids Dresses to Shop for a Black-Themed Destination Wedding 

The black dress is a wardrobe staple for a reason: you can team it with virtually any piece, it’s flattering on just about every complexion, and can be worn to a variety of destinations—beach weddings, garden weddings, countryside escapes, mountain getaways, and more. So, if you’re lucky enough to have been invited as a bridesmaid to a wedding with an all-black dress code, you’ll have all these benefits to your advantage!

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Now, when choosing a black dress, keep in mind the formality requirements of the wedding. These parameters will help you select a neckline, fabric, length, sleeve type, and other design aspects. 

Without further ado, scroll below for 10 black dresses to get you started on your shopping. 

10 Black Bridesmaids Dresses to Shop: 

1. For summer evening weddings, update the slinky satin slip with a surplice cowl neckline. 

9efEz0N4RVrF8fJ8vGYcSOpGEuvVKCyei8re9KbiXWHTIGeLY9x5vM7C6XiaUaeZZIqvHg0PReW5DDxf92 mn5 KfEBTcwjaCMNkmy94 zD639yoh ZsZuq6jwqv64WdTg6KZi19ATrqA8EWKfCHIR0

Halter Draped Gown in Carbon, 925 USD, Michelle Mason 

2. Attending a wedding in the city? Shop a sleek midi halter gown with a simple yet striking choker band. 

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Nicolette in Black, 220 USD, Jenny Yoo

3. Turn heads in a stylish column gown with a modern square neckline and a high-waisted cut. This piece will never go out of style, and can be worn to just about any type of black-tie affair. 

Ariana in Black, 290 USD, Jenny Yoo 

4. For a more sculptural look, get playful with your neckline. This strapless gown features a modern curved neckline, proving that less is more. Wear this to a wedding in an art museum or other historic sites. 

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Joan in Black, 239 USD, Name of Love

5. Asymmetrical cuts will always be flattering. Go for a one-shoulder dress with diagonal pleats to accentuate your figure. This is suitable for less formal, artistic weddings in vineyards or other sprawling gardens. 

Delfina Matte Pleated Dress, 695 USD, A.L.C.

6. For a formal ballroom wedding, consider an asymmetrical gown with a satin ribbon detail. 


Column Satin Bowknot One-Shoulder Sleeveless Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dresses, 230 USD, Hebeos

7. For church weddings, return to the classics with a sweetheart neckline gown, a full skirt, and dainty tie-style straps. 

WyEcPcX VqnIIj5tXg Lv2A4BucjRvThdOEb7dnHORqD3csDXPcsQyYhWGkAfI UYOeMbpwyhSP6HYkMWh7J3CT46Rbglc1FB1kyIhsMBHoat39N4wY5pqOmHz9hQ2CsApGlaxNFqE6Z y sPy140E

Diana Detachable Bow-knot Straps Tulle Bridesmaid Dress, 95 USD, Cicinia

8. When attending a wedding in a luxurious hotel or events venue, aim  for a timeless look in an asymmetrical strap gown with a floor-grazing flared skirt. 

WQwCAictIu n3fYKwAGiM X9V6V0ANSP79JOFY06dWhrPydR rHbvn neN3uSj9nf7yBckurS7HXI0S8rWmbtiznjrxNztLVLA6HeLvSca HFoYsZQckd0mh2gbyUaWBiZ6cdnYbEW2dnPK2Rluq9Y

Lux, 290 USD, Amsale

9. At the next scenic destination wedding, dazzle in a lustrous off-shoulder satin slit gown with a beautiful draped neckline. 

wQBudf0XEZ5SdX9t ER03yyVtUJ8KnyTCHgMiV R0lwY0MX2gVgTDjRAIfry6VtiCrcZPpuZIiiIRF81WxOQZwVYKu0

Mia Convertible Dress, 99 USD, Birdy Grey 

10. For more conservative weddings in venues with strict dress codes, opt for a subtle belted dress with softly puffed sleeves and a modest v-neckline. 

maOBansJyd09nonq1enJYeyOZBo0hTwRzryRrLUI3gMYX03MpnIZngWK9cZPhZ15rljqgeSO3OSJ18yD8fCkk0AhJ2a4KCaAYTUmvEEjMgnNqk2kCJs3CDLgt0wAPQbYad693bwy n7Jv3meSUpl1A

AW Wilma Dress, 135.99 AUD, AW Bridal

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