10 Ways to Bring Your Dream Bohemian Wedding to Life 

One of the most popular alternative wedding themes is the bohemian or “boho” wedding. Often considered the best option for the free-spirited couple, the boho wedding makes space for unconventionality, and the warm, happy reinvention of wedding traditions. The theme is popular among couples with an artistic eye, and merges the rustic aesthetic with the wildflower beauty of overgrown foliage. It also emphasizes a spirit of wanderlust, drawing inspiration from nomadic elements and liberation from modern rules. 

When putting together a boho wedding, keep in mind that coziness is key. Whether you’re going for a desert glam or a dryad’s picnic aesthetic, you’ll be able to pick up a thing or two from our list of planning tips below. 

10 Tips for Planning a Bohemian-Themed Wedding: 

1. Select an outdoor venue. 

Choose a venue that complements the bohemian vibe, namely outdoor locations like gardens, rustic barns, beaches, deserts, or open fields. Prioritize places with natural elements like wild trees, rock formations, and grass, as well as a relaxed ambiance. However, if you prefer to keep the ceremony indoors as a safeguard in case of inclement weather, you can still achieve the bohemian theme by opting for a cabin with a balcony, or any outdoor space that can bring in fresh air. 

2. Go for natural, earthy decor. 

For this theme, lose metallic finishes and marble for natural materials like wood, basket weaves, rattan, macramé, and burlap for decor. Incorporate layers of various earthy tones, soft pastels, and hints of burgundy and olive into your color palette to create an eclectic bohemian atmosphere.

3. Apply a boho-chic style philosophy. 

Choose a wedding look that embodies the boho-chic style, such as a flowy gown with tiers, dynamic ruffles, and fairy lace. You may also accessorize with forehead jewelry and other pieces of dainty headwear. Some brides, including model Taylor Hill, went barefoot for their weddings, which is in tune with the free-spiritedness of the bohemian approach. For the groom, consider a relaxed linen suit or even a vintage-inspired vest and suspenders.

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4. Stick to a natural, effortless glam. 

Brides, keep the hair and makeup natural and light, enough to give you a softly windswept, sunkissed glow. Loose waves, braids, floral crowns, and dewy, neutral makeup enhance the bohemian look.

5. Play with warm, organic floral arrangements. 

Opt for wild floral arrangements with a mix of fresh blooms, herbs, and even dried flowers. Drape flowers along tables, wear them in your hair, hang them in suspended arrangements, or use them as backdrops for a whimsical touch. 

6. Opt for a laid-back seating scheme. 

For weddings with a smaller number of guests, you could create a cozy, informal seating arrangement using a mix of vintage rugs, poufs, cushions, and low tables. The most conventional alternatives include rustic picnic tables, or wooden table sets with mismatched chairs. 

7. Set time for an open floor during the reception for dancing. 

Set the bohemian spirit loose with live folk, blues, jazz or acoustic music. Encourage fearless dancing and singing to set your celebration ablaze. 

8. Create tablescapes with eclectic miscellanea. 

You want to infuse your decor with a homey, lived-in feel, like you’re out on a dreamy camping adventure indefinite. Mix and match tableware, linens, and centerpieces for a casual and intriguing look. Consider using mismatched china, vintage glassware, candles, and other interesting handicrafts for a romantic ambiance.

9. Go for sustainable and eco-friendly suppliers. 

While this should be a given in all weddings, the bohemian theme in particular embraces homegrown brands and smaller businesses that are eco-conscious. Opt for biodegradable or reusable items, thrifted or pre-loved decor, locally sourced catering, and advocacy-based suppliers to align with the theme’s organic ethos.

10. Feel free to cast the traditional wedding conventions aside to fully customize your wedding. 

Free-flowing coffee, a rotating cast of emcees composed of close friends, a grazing table of wacky childhood snacks—these personalized decisions and more are yours to make. The exciting thing about the bohemian theme is its insistence on bending the rules for a spirit of good-natured freedom, so you have all the space to make the day completely your own! 

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