The Bride’s Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Color Scheme for Her Bridesmaids

For fashion-loving brides, the second most exciting aspect of wedding planning (after your bridal look, of course) is picking out a motif for your bridesmaids. This is vital for creating visual cohesiveness and tying the wedding theme together, both on-site and in the wedding photos. 

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In addition to complementing the bridal gown and the event styling, giving your beloved bridesmaids a distinct dress code honors the role they played in your life, visually signaling them as MVPs in your journey as a couple. Hence, the motif has to help them look and feel their best on your special day! 

This can be achieved through the following: 

Of course, you can have your bridesmaids wear attire that’s synced across all three categories. For example, you could specify a strict dress code of burgundy satin maxi dresses. On the other hand, you could give your bridesmaids a color range and give them free rein to style themselves. 

In this article, we zoom in on color schemes and break down 8 color schemes for bridesmaids to guide your planning. Read on! 

8 Color Schemes for Bridesmaid Dresses: 

1. Black

For a visually clean, minimalist wedding, consider dressing your special ladies in black. From this prompt alone, the styling possibilities are manifold: gowns in black velvet, lace, satin, tulle, and crystal-studded materials are all options. 

An alternative to black is navy blue. If you want to achieve a similar shade depth but can’t get behind ebony attire, go for deep blue tones that can register as black. 

2. Pastels

Creamy and light as a box of cupcakes, a pastel color scheme is chic, youthful, and perfect for daytime weddings. Pastels include powdery shades such as buttermilk, sky blue, tea green, periwinkle, peach, and cantaloupe. While pastels can come in various fabrics, matte textures really make the confectionary effect come to life. 

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3. Rainbow

If pastels are a tad bit too soft for your taste, turn up the saturation and choose rainbow colors for your bridesmaids. You could opt for a mismatched bridesmaids palette and ask the rest of the guests to come in a single color. Or, you could dress all your bridesmaids in a single bright hue such as electric blue, fuchsia, cherry red, lime green, or lemon yellow. 

4. Cloudy Colors

Looking to achieve a more subdued rainy day feel for your wedding day? Explore a cloudy color scheme. Steely grays, warm ash, and pearly silvers will do the trick. As one of the most neutral shades, grays mix well with virtually any color—so long as you pick the right hue. In order to make your gray-clad bridesmaids stand out, you can have your guests wear complementary colors such as metallic blue, mint green, and amethyst. 

5. Deep Gem Tones

When planning for this color motif, imagine a box of jewelry. Emerald, turquoise, sapphire, purple garnet, and ruby red all fit the bill. To enrich the deep hues, go for floor length gowns in duchesse satin or velvet. This is a popular option for black-tie weddings, which typically take place in the evenings. 

6. Earthy Neutrals

Bohemian and rustic weddings are best paired with earthy, neutral bridesmaid dresses. Draw from the natural color family seen in mother nature: think dark oak, peachy brown, hazelnut, olive green, sand, and various beiges. This motif would photograph beautifully against a panoramic outdoor view with warm lighting and rich foliage. 

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7. Prints

If you want to amplify the festive mood, swap out a solid color instruction with a print motif. You could go for defined springtime florals, diffused meadow patterns inspired by impressionist paintings, abstract paint washes, or even tie-dye. With this scheme, your wedding photos will be blooming with personality! 

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8. White

While white is typically reserved for the bride, a number of modern weddings have proven that traditions can be rewritten if the couple so chooses. Adorn your bridesmaids in snowy attire to harmonize with your bridal look. Or, you could completely flip the script and wed in a colored gown to fully stand out! 

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