10 Head-Turning Printed Dresses for Bridesmaids

Solid-color dresses will probably stick around as the default mode for styling bridesmaids, but they’re not the only option available. Printed dresses are, if not more, just as chic, and can augment the overall aesthetic of the wedding, harmonizing with the decor and bridal bouquets for an enchanting visual concerto. For congruity, the dresses can simply follow an overarching scheme, such as nocturnal blooms or springtime meadows, but the joy and ebullience comes from seeing mismatched gowns, as pretty and diverse as the bridesmaids’ personalities.

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Ahead, a shopping list of gorgeous bridesmaid dresses that pack a whole lot of flair.

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10 Printed Bridesmaid Dresses to Shop:

1. Floral prints in deep hues are exquisitely formal without ever being boring. Style a strapless gown with a gold princess necklace and stud earrings to match.

carolina herrera multi floral printed silk organza gown

Floral-Printed Silk-Organza Gown, 4,990 USD, Carolina Herrera

2. This statuesque gown is the stuff of dreams. With the immaculate draping, wrap-style bustier, and contemporary length, you’ll undoubtedly be one of the best dressed ladies in the room.

zimmermann floral luminosity strapless linen silk midi dress

Luminosity Strapless Linen-Silk Midi Dress, 1,950 USD, Zimmermann

3. Team pleats and impressionistic florals in a breeze-ready off-shoulder dress. Light and airy, this flouncy style is apt for both garden and beach weddings.

Screen Shot 2023 08 02 at 8.51.24 PM

Aurelia Pleated Gown, 895 USD, Theia Couture

4. Botanical prints don’t always have to register as rustic—for a classy, contemporary look, go for a metallic fabric and chic handkerchief draping. Some types offer a self-tie option, allowing you to manipulate the dress length to create a high slit or high-low style.

lc 3021630 100075 m

Floral Bouquet Metallic Drape-Front Gown, 10,404 AUD, Oscar de la Renta

5. Float around in a baby pink gown with dreamy translucent layers. The demure aura is achieved with pretty details like a ribbon waist tie, off-shoulder straps, and a subtly paneled bodice.

BMShopifyImagery 0005 BM0907 BLUSH 001.jpg

Enna Dress, 325 USD, Marchesa

6. If you’re looking for a zestier gown with captivating color blocking, try one with inverted values. This chic piece also features a strapless neckline, but gets a pop art updated with the groovy print.

andres otalora yellow macondo pleated chiffon maxi dress 2

Macondo Pleated Chiffon Maxi Dress, 1,460 USD, Andres Otalora

7. Breathe a girlish touch into a formal gown with a wide neckline, varied flower vine prints, and a smooth, heavy stain.

10542 bbps frontcroplbglgignoretrueo vbig

Open Neck Cutout Floral Satin A-Line Gown with Pockets in Butterfly Botanica Pink Sand, 284 USD, Dessy

8. Not feeling the usual rosy blooms? Go for a quirkier print, like dandelions or cherries. A tie-back halter neckline offsets the animated print, giving the dress a more formal edge.

MH 2023 02 16 Saloni Ecom 06 0200 1.jpg

Michelle Dress In Ammonite Rose, 825 GBP, Saloni

9. Another print variation: nocturnal blooms, which are simply flowers awash in the blue of night. It’s less of a watercolor print and leans paisley instead, keeping the evening gown fashionable and relaxed.

Saloni PAW23 ecom 11.png

Chandra Dress In Harvest Midnight, 1,800 USD, Saloni

10. For a vibrantly elegant look, pick out a print with a generous spread of multicolored roses and daffodils. Add ribbons for extra spice and drama.


Thalia Watercolor Floral Gown, 4,950 GBP, Suzannah London

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