Have you ever wondered whether your husband-to-be is smarter than the average man? Research has shown that these are eight signs that a person has above average intelligence. Best put hubby to the test before you make your vows!

1. He’s the Oldest

It’s been shown that the oldest sibling in a family is usually the smartest, not because of anything to do with genetics, but because of psychology and family dynamics.

2. He Doesn’t Smoke

A study in Israel that looked at the habits of 20,000 young men found that non-smokers had an average IQ of 101, while their non-smoking counterparts averaged just 94.

3. He Has a Cat

This one’s going to divide girls all around the world, but a study in 2014 found that people with cats were smarter than people with dogs. However dog owners were more outgoing that cat owners.

4. He’s Thin

Many studies have shown that people that are healthy and active are generally more intelligent. In 2006, it was found that obese subjects had a memory recollection of under 45%, while the thinner subjects were above 56%.

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5. He Plays an Instrument

If he took music lessons when he was younger, he’s likely going to be smarter. In 2011, a study found that the intelligence of young children rose significantly after just a month of music lessons.

6. He’s a Lefty

Left-handers are found to be ‘divergent thinkers’, this is a form of thinking that lets him come up with more novel and outside-the-box ideas.

7. He’s Tall

Princeton found that taller children perform significantly better on cognitive exams.

8. He’s Dangerous

Wow. I mean wow. A 2012 study found a link between high IQ and the adoption of harmful behaviours. Maybe reconsider letting him get that motorbike?

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