Have you ever wondered what makes a man fall in love? Is it timing, your irresistible personality, your sensual touch, an unexplainable certain chemistry or is it purely physical looks?

When you know the secret you will have your man fall deeply in love with you.

I know when I discovered the secret to making a man fall in love, it changed my relationships with men forever! I suddenly became the woman that was proposed to and sought after as opposed to the woman that needed to give her man an ultimatum.

If you follow my tips below, then you will have your man deeply in love with you like never before!

1. Appreciate Him

Appreciation is the MOST powerful attraction secret you have. Even if it’s him picking you up from work, taking you for dinner or taking out the bins let him know you appreciate the things he does for you. This will make him do even more for you because he will love the recognition. The more he does for you, the deeper he falls in love.

2. Don’t Change Him.

If your man feels appreciated and accepted for who he is, he’s in for a deep and fast ride towards love. Make him feel he’s understood and show him how you value him. When you accept a man for who he is it automatically makes him want to be a better man.

3. Let Him Know He Makes You Happy

A man will notice a woman who’s laughing or smiling more than he’ll rate a nice figure. Men love a woman with a ready smile because he’ll feel more connected or bonded if he feels successful in making a woman happy. Let him know, how happy he makes you. He will want to make you even happier because a man natural instinct is to provide, if he provides you with happiness easy he will give you more.

4. Make Him Feel Needed.

A man needs to feel needed otherwise he will go elsewhere. With women being so independent in this day and age men often don’t feel like they have a place.

When you make your man feel needed he will be yours forever. Even the little things. It was only last night that my man opened up a makeup jar I squeezed shut so tightly and he opened it with ease. I thanked him so much and told him, “See how much I need you!” I’ve been trying to open that make up jar for months!

5. Be Nice

A woman who treats her man well will have her man’s undivided attention. Men, in general want to feel valued and respected. Be consistently nice to him and you will be the only one he wants

to spend his time with, be nice to his family and friends too. The old “treat em mean, keep em keen”, only works for the bad boys and they are simply not husband material!

6 Be Open To Love

Being vulnerable is incredibly powerful, it brings him closer. When you are vulnerable, you let him see who you are, your dreams and aspirations and how you feel about him and your needs. Be confident on who you are and open yourself to him, if you are receptive and ready to be loved, he will love you and want to protect you.2

Samantha Jayne is a relationship expert and dating coach who specialises with women wanting to meet and keep the man of their dreams. She is the founder of dating agency Blue Label Life and THE Husband Project. To contact Samantha and receive free tips and advice click here or www.samanthajayne.com.au.

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