It’s normal to be intrigued by the mysterious male mind, especially in the lead up to you wedding. Sometimes you may ask yourself what the heck is really going on in there! Science has proven that men and women really are different, right down to the structure of our brains; which explains why we feel, think and act so differently!

So let’s take a look inside a man’s sometimes cryptic mind and see how their brain works. By understanding the way the male mind works it gets you closer and more connected to your Groom-to-be within your relationship and ultimately the opportunity for your man to feel understood. When a man feels understood he falls in love more deeply.

1. Men Think They’re Emotionally Strong

At least that’s how they want you to see them! Men project themselves as indestructible because society expects them to be always strong but they can be vulnerable. Men have big egos, and once it’s shattered they become distant and hurt. That explains why a lot of men withdraw, they don’t know how to cope with the emotions and need time to process.

2. Men Love Freedom

Men are not afraid to commit to you, they are scared however that once they commit they will lose their freedom and their ability to enjoy the things they want to do. So do not be needy because you’ll terrify him. Men want women who can be flexible that will allow him to just do the things that makes him happy, but don’t get them wrong, they respect boundaries too, just set it clear with him.

3. Your Looks Won’t Keep Him Satisfied

Your physical appearance won’t be enough to keep him. Yes, men aren’t as shallow as women think. Although external beauty attracts a man initially, it can never sustain a lasting romantic relationship. A man needs to feel an emotional connection. It takes more than just looks to make him commit to you. The emotional connection is the glue to you. He will move mountains for that loving feeling!

4. Men Want to Protect and Provide

We all know that women have become empowered, proclaiming their independence and autonomy, that they do not need men to protect or to provide for them but men see themselves as an essential part of a relationship when they are able to protect and to provide for their significant others. If you ignore your man’s ability to do such, he will feel inadequate and that’s totally degrading to his manhood and he will be hesitant to commit.

5. Men Love to be Appreciated

If you make your man feel appreciated he will be yours! This is the biggest take home tip for you!

6. Men Love to be Married

Men covet wedding bells, too! It’s a misconception that men don’t want to commit and get married, they also dream of having their own family and sharing the rest of their lives with their woman. It takes time though for them to be able to decide because it is a life changing decision and when they decide to get married, they are focused on providing for their families.

Whilst men and women think and feel differently when it comes to relationships, fundamentally we do want the same thing. LOVE.. Love is the deepest human need.

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Samantha Jayne is a relationship expert and dating coach who specialises with women wanting to meet and keep the man of their dreams. She is the founder of dating agency Blue Label Life and THE Husband Project. To contact Samantha and receive free tips and advice click here.

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