To the shock of their families, Widyan and Hussein wanted a small, intimate wedding! Since almost everyone in the Arabic culture loves a good party, this was almost unheard of. However, Widyan and Hussein wanted celebrate with the people they care about the most. Widyan told Wedded Wonderland “I wanted our wedding to reflect who we were as individuals and as a couple, that was simplicity, intimacy and fun and I truly believe that our wedding resembled that.”

One of the couple’s favourite moments of the special day was the moment Widyan was walked out of the home she grew up in, on the arm of her father, into the arms of her husband. Reflecting on the moment, Widyan told Wedded Wonderland, “We were walking down the stairs and I look at my dad and he had tears in his eyes, I then noticed my husband and he was crying. I felt such overwhelming love and truly felt like a princess. The way my husband looked at me as his tears fell and my dad squeezing me arm as he walked me down, truly the best moment of my life.” Such a heart-warming moment that tugs at our heart stings!

Reminiscing on their special day, Widyan told Wedded Wonderland, “Overall, my husband and I truly loved our wedding day. It was just as we imagined it, if not better. We cried, we danced and we laughed. It was simply magical and could not have asked for more loving family and friends who helped us along the way with the planning of it all.”

This heartfelt, family oriented wedding truly reflects the beauty of an intimate affair!

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