Despite marrying in the summer, rain poured down on Hanan and Hassan’s special day, but this definitely did not dampen anyone’s celebratory mood! Hanan and Hassan’s wedding was a celebration of love for one another, love for their families and for all their guests in very special ways. Their wedding included many traditional Lebanese customs, with a countless number of drummers creating the ultimate festive atmosphere, a heartfelt traditional farewell poem by Hanan’s grandma and plenty of high-pitched ululating by all the women!

The couple married at the Grand Royale, the venue Hanan had always dreamed of marrying in. “Every time I stepped foot into that place my heart would race and I had to catch my breath, so when I finally met my prince charming the venue was set and the team was incredible.”

One of the most memorable moment of their special day was walking into the reception for the first time. Hanan told Wedded Wonderland, “The feeling, the energy, the atmosphere was indescribable.  It was the new chapter to our lives, everything we had been through made it all worth it at this point because we knew this is what we wanted and never wanted to look back.”

The most heart-warming moment of the night was the father-daughter dance to ‘Butterfly Kisses.’ Hanan told Wedded Wonderland, “The dance was  25 years of silent emotions, pure love and a relationship between a father and daughter no-one will ever understand which filled the entire room with silence and tears running down almost all of our guest’s eyes. My father was a man who came from a war torn country who never knew how to show emotions … but that night as he wrapped his hard-working hands around me his heart couldn’t hold back and he began crying.”

Reflecting on their special day, Hanan and Hassan told Wedded Wonderland “Our wedding day was the best day of our lives, my husband and I want to do it all over again!”

Enjoy this delightful, joyous wedding Fairies.

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