Seva and Luke met  on New Years Eve on the Gold Coast in 200, but despite being drawn to each other, didn’t start dating  until 2008! Reflecting back on their first meeting, Luke told Wedded Wonderland, “I noticed Seva as soon as she walked into the room… those big brown eyes, that smile – absolutely beautiful! I worked up the courage to approach her even though I thought she would reject me and it wasn’t what I was expecting. She’s  fun, easy to talk to and time just flies with her. However, she kept me in the friend zone for awhile before we officially got together.”

Fast forward to the day of the proposal, which seemed like any other regular night, enjoying dinner and drinks with friends. Seva told Wedded Wonderland, “As we love our food and being around our close friends, I thought nothing was out of the ordinary. Luke was fidgety though… he had a sense of urgency about him. I thought maybe he needed to go somewhere … I didn’t really think anything of it. Then, as I was sipping on my espresso martini he dropped down on his knee beside me… sweating! He was really nervous … Of course I said yes!” And the rest is history…

Seva and Luke married in a breath-taking Greek Orthodox ceremony, where the combined intimate setting, holy words, cultural customs and spiritual chanting marked the beginning of their life together as husband and wife.

The extravagant reception was transformed into a dreamy setting, with a sea of beautiful florals, elegant chandeliers, romantic candlelight and a larger than life wedding cake that left Seva and Luke, and all their guests speechless!

The bridal entrance marked the best moment of the night for Seva and Luke. “It started with an acoustic solo by the Greek Bouzouki player and when I heard him playing, it brought tears to my eyes. Once the mood was set, 12 Lebanese drummers and a flute player joined the Bouzouki to create an energy in the room which was beyond words. My husband and I entered the room with all our guests on their feet and we danced our way to the dance floor to the sound of our culture with our loved ones surrounding us.”

Enjoy this opulent, lavish wedding Fairies!

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