Vicky and Peter’s story sounds like one from a fairy tale! The couple met at a debutante ball two years ago. Peter had been admiring Vicky from a distance for years, mixing in the same social circles, however Vicky was completely oblivious to this! This all changed on  the evening of the ball, when in Peter’s words, “Vicky finally noticed him.” That night they shared their first dance and kiss.

After two jam-packed weeks with fun lunch and dinner dates, Vicky left Peter for a 6 week planned overseas trip with her parents. Vicky told Wedded Wonderland “It was extremely difficult leaving him, someone I had only known for 2 weeks and wanted to get to know more each minute. But it is true that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Through the use of technology, Our relationship blossomed while I was in Europe and Peter in Australia.”

Peter proposed to Vicky as they were enjoying a summer’s day at Vicky’s parents’ beach house on The Central Coast, preparing to head down to the beach for a swim. Vicky told Wedded Wonderland “I love that Peter is a sensitive and loving man. AlI I heard was “Will you marry me?” I know he spoke for a while but I was too overwhelmed by our emotions that the words all meshed into these three words. 

Of course I said yes, while crying, and he placed the ring on my finger. Our family was watching from the back verandah and we continued to celebrate with a beach barbecue and lots of dancing.”

The couple’s wedding felt like a black tie, Mykonos party. Two worlds mixing like never before. Their wedding was a celebration of passion, happiness love for each other and for their family and friends, and a representation of their thirst for life, music, dancing, and their Greek Australian Heritage.

The most heart-warming part of the night were the speeches. In his wedding speech, Peter wrote, “It may have taken over 10 years for me to have the courage to speak to you, but I promise to make it up to you, with a lifetime of love, excitement & happiness together.”

Vicky told Wedded Wonderland one of the most memorable aspects of their night was taking time out to enjoy the moment and looking down the elevated bridal table to the 41 guest tables and dance floor. “It made my night seeing both families unite and mingling or dancing on the dance floor.”

Although the day was a perfect success in every way, Vicky told Wedded Wonderland “If we must choose one thing to change, it would be a bigger dance floor! Like us, our family and friends love to party!”


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