Married At First Sight Ep. 9 Was Both Tragic and Hilarious


While we know that reality TV shows tend to up the drama to 11, we can’t help but continue to watch them from behind half-closed hands. Such was the case with Sunday night’s episode of Married at First Sight, which was both a beautiful aerial show and a horrible, fiery crash.

First up, Troy and Ashley

First of all, Troy has definitely been beamed onto this earth from another planet. I’ve never seen someone so averse to social cues before. When John Atkin tried to ask Ashley how she found the experiment, Troy stepped in to add his two cents and was immediately shut down. When Ashley aired out her true feelings and Troy once again ignored the social cues and tried to say something, he was again shut down and everyone was cringe-laughing just as much as we were.

Painful Round 2: Sean and Jo

Honestly, poor Jo. She was super enthusiastic about her new beau and completely oblivious to his lack of interest. When it was time to reveal their decisions, Jo was very clearly blindsided by Sean’s choice to leave (while she had written ‘Stay’) and then gave us the ultimate heartbreaking speech about how she was now forced to stay an extra week with someone who doesn’t want her. We’re here for you, Jo!

True Love With Telv and Sarah

Look, I said from episode 1 that these two were my favourite. Sarah’s speech about how she’s been missing someone like Telv all her life hit us right in the feels, and Telv’s obvious affection for Sarah is almost too much to handle. You’ve done well, guys. Please don’t Milkshake Duck us.

The Villain Strikes Back: Dean and Tracey

Ugh, Dean. Again, we called it from episode 1 – he sucks. As the Alpha Male got his way and strung Tracey along, he used last night to drop the bombshell and tell the experts that he didn’t think he and Tracey were right for each other (cue Davina rubbing her hands together devilishly). Tracey had a whole lot to say about that, being just as blindsided as Jo was, and dropping that she and Dean had just been intimate with one another that morning. You’re better off without him!

In Other News

Other villain – and potential lack-of-soulmate for Dean – Davina chose to stay with her beau Ryan, despite admitting that “we actually butt heads and we want to kill each other.” Nasser and Gabrielle are our second ‘couple goals’ – after Sarah and Telv – and they’re both still very much in marital bliss. Blair and Sean T are committed to staying, but we were very distracted by Blair’s choice of hat indoors. John and Melissa’s relationship is still golden, as is Patrick and Charlene’s; meanwhile Alycia and Matt chose to stay, despite Matt’s comment about feeling like her brother.

Okay then.

Bring on the next episode, we say!

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