Kim Cattrall Responded Very Differently To Cynthia Nixon

As we continue to reel from the revelation that our favourite fictional gal pals are not actually the Fantastic Four that we thought they were, we’ve kept our eyes on the situation and quietly watched Sex and the City episodes on repeat for our hit of nostalgia.

Since Kim Cattrall unleashed on Instagram her true feelings towards Sarah Jessica Parker, things have been quiet on the latter’s front. Kim has also since removed the comment sections from her Instagram, likely defusing any potential comment wars that were brewing.

But before that, Cattrall actually responded to another cast mate and it’s vastly different to her public call out of Parker.

Beneath her initial post about her brother’s sad passing, Cattrall took the time to respond to Cynthia Nixon‘s message of condolence:

kim cattrall cynthia

The response is a far cry from her sole post dedicated to Sarah Jessica Parker and is telling of the casts’ relationships. Despite articles suggesting that the Cattrall was often left out of Nixon, Parker, and Kristin Davis‘ group, it looks like Samantha has no bad blood for Miranda.

And now we wait for Kristin/Charlotte.

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