Married At First Sight Ep 11 Recap: Anthony gets taken down!

Get ready for another commitment ceremony!

Monday night’s episode of Married At First Sight showed another side of Anthony following his verbal attack on Cheryl during last week’s dinner party.

Since then, his wife Nadia fears for her life!

“We’re good,” he tells the boys at the group commitment ceremony.

“Save me”.

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Anyway! At the commitment ceremony, Nadia tells the relationship experts that she doesn’t feel anything for her spouse and wonders why she was ever paired up with him!

Psychologist John Aiken doesn’t have a clue, literally, and has no answer for our poor Nadia.

He then throws that question back to her.

“Um. I like him a lot …” she answered. We don’t think she does!


Anywho, Nadia agrees to stay with her partner Anthony and he seems relieved! But, we kinda think his a little crazy..


Our favourite person on the show Susan had some feelings that she was dying to confess about good old Anthony.


“I just feel like some people bullied Cheryl. And that really upset me. I felt like they judged her. And they didn’t know her. These are people that I felt I saw a really good side of. And then, I felt disappointed”, she tells the relationship psychologists.

Those days where your fun statement hairclip doesn’t match your gloomy mood.

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Her partner Sean also tells the experts he was bullied growing up!

“I can only imagine what Cheryl would’ve been feeling. And it’s, excuse my French, but it’s f*ckin’ horrible.”

We just love those two!

Over the past few days, it seems Michelle has gained quite a reputation. But it seems her spouse Jesse has her beat!

Do you know he goes to the toilet with the door wide open?

“Look, he’s the typical male which likes to burp and fart,” Michelle says.

“We’re going <i>this </i>good.”

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“You were telling me how much you felt unwell because you were holding it in so much,” she continues, “And then I was like, ‘OK, we’re all human, it happens’. But, you know, there is a line and I still want to have that mystery”.

Yikes, poor Jesse. He did look a little embarassed. It was on national television after all.

But in the end, Michelle chooses to stay with smelly Jesse.

What were your thoughts on the episode?


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