Married at First Sight: Jilted Groom Andrew finds third love from the show

One time, two times, three times married?

Woman’s Day magazine has revealed a new Married at First Sight twist! Jilted Groom Andrew has fallen head-over-heels in love with Michelle!


Michelle and Andrew

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So what does that mean for Cheryl? This Scottish bombshell was recently hit with this bad news days after footage of her snorting a line of white powder off her breast surfaced in the media. She can’t be too pleased right now.

Being jilted sounds horrible but Andrew is making the most of it by spending time with Perth twin Michelle. And we believe that she has now declared love for him and will fight to protect him from the other Brides! This is getting juicer by the minute!


Lauren and Andrew

Image via 9 Now

“The situation with Andrew 
is tearing apart the whole show. You’d think Cheryl and Lauren would hate him after he dumped them both, but they’re still texting him and reaching 
out – and they’re also talking to each other behind his back,” an insider told Woman’s Day.


Cheryl and Andrew

Image via Now To Love

Since the beginning, the show told us that Michelle and Andrew knew each other from playing on the same mixed netball team in Perth. And from that, the duo have had a deep connection before either one of them applied for the series.

Fairies, what are your thoughts? Happiness over regrets?

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