MAFS: Ashley Crops Carly Out Of Group Instagram Picture After Dramatic Finale

Married At First Sight has finally come to an end and what. a. rollercoaster that was. If you thought reality television wasn’t your cup of tea, I dare you to sit through just one episode and try your best not to fall into the MAFS abyss.

If you haven’t been keeping up, Ashley Irvin‘s original husband, Troy Delmege, confessed his love for her at the final commitment ceremony, which she rejected. He then moved onto his other crush on the show, Carly Bowyer, faster than how he brushes his teeth.

Over the last few weeks of the show, we’ve seen Troy and Carly getting far too intimate in public for our poor eyes to handle, and in the last two episodes we’ve seen the extent of their love. Yes, Troy has once again thrown out the “I Love You” prematurely, although this time it’s actually worked for him.

In the final dinner party of the season, Ashley claimed to be “blindsided” by the new pairing as they walked in hand-in-hand and proceeded to eat each other’s faces throughout the episode. She confronted the two, and the entire situation was played out in last night’s final episode in front of the entire cast.

Judging by their horrified expressions during any clip of Carly and Troy being intimate, everyone was in the same boat as we were.

While the episode was live, Ashley took to Instagram to post a photo of all of the women of MAFS with the caption “Friends for life” and a few choice hashtags.

Who was missing, of course?

A quick look at Tracey Jewel’s Instagram page would show you that Carly is very clearing standing beside Davina Rankin in the group picture.

Ashley acknowledged the crop, using the hashtag “#yesimsavage”, with most of her followers cheering the move on.

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Of course, others were confused as to why Davina wasn’t crossed out, even after admitting to Carly and Troy that she “started the trend” of hooking up with other contestants.

Davina and Ashley appear to be good friends outside of the show, attending a friend’s restaurant opening in Brisbane last night while the final episode played.

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