MAFS: Davina Stirs The Pot In The Most Dramatic Episode Ever

Australia, we are reeling. REELING. That was the most dramatic episode of Married At First Sight ever (bar any time Troy was doing regular things – we oddly miss the teeth brushing).

Besides the loved up pairings of Telv and Sarah (4ever), John and Mel, and Charlene and Patrick, everyone else was either at each other’s throats, stirring the pot, crying, or just proving to us why going on a national television show to find love is a truly terrible idea.

Sean and Tracey

First of all, we need to acknowledge two things: Sean’s decision to wear that blazer and Davina calling him “Ellen Degeneres” later that night. Now that we’ve seen it we can’t think of anything else. Moving on; Sean came in, said hello to his ex, Blair (who we’ll get to later) and then went on to make out with Tracey, revealing their relationship.

As Jo said, “Sh*t the freaking bed. I am shook to the bone!”

We are all Jo.

We also found out that Sean is a tad jealous and maybe just a little unhinged when it comes to Dean, Tracey’s original husband.

Sean and Dean Go Head to Head

Dean, who entered the party alone and last, maintained the calm, repentant act for the entire episode, even when he was being screamed at by Sean. Could the villain really have changed his ways? (Probably not).

While Dean told some random guy who lasted very little on the show how he appreciates his friendship with Tracey, shiny Sean suddenly went off, shouting that Dean learned nothing and repeatedly told him he’s “full of sh*t.”

Sean confronted Dean about text messages he was sending to Tracey, insisting that she told Sean that Dean was harassing her. When Dean asked Tracey himself and was told the opposite, he took Sean aside to argue about it. Sean screamed and swore and Dean asked him the equivalent of someone repeatedly asking you “are you angry?” when you’re not but their incessant questioning eventually makes you livid:

“I’m very concerned about you. Is everything alright, Sean?”

Shiny suit Sean, enraged, left and settled at the table with Tracey. She comforted him and asked if he trusted her and you could almost see the vein in his forehead bulging.

Davina Proves Herself To Be An Awful Human Being (Again)

If you openly admit that you need to stir the pot to be the centre of attention when the spotlight isn’t focused on you, then you might need to revaluate your priorities. From her arrival, the air turned sour with Davina’s presence.

Tracey was offended by Davina’s insistence on turning her entire situation with Dean and Sean into a joke to be loudly laughed at. She then took Davina aside to confront her over her part in the destruction of her relationship with Dean, to which Davina rejected any responsibility, continually flipped the conversation to make Tracey look bad/obsessed, and complained that her time was wasted by Tracey when she could have been brushing her teeth.

This was on top of her prodding Sean to make a scene when Dean and Tracey were talking; being horrible to Ryan in her usual way; and pretending to comfort Ash and then heading over to new couple Troy and Carly and telling them, “I started the trend [of hooking up with other contestants] … I was the first one to do this out of all of you a**holes! I’m proud of you f**kers!”

She somehow even managed to make Dean look like the better person when, after telling him “you were the best out of the bad bunch for me … like when you’re on an island and look at dirt and want to eat it,” to which he responded by apologising for the entire situation.

Can we also point out how terrible it is to see Blair become a high school mean girl any time she’s around Davina. She was a minion right out of every high school movie.

Ashley Loses It Over Troy and Carly

We regret to inform you that last night’s episode opened with an intimate look at Carly and Troy’s new relationship and we couldn’t be more uncomfortable.

At the dinner party, the two walked in together and Ashley burned holes into the both of them with her deadly glare.

Troy continued to be completely unaware of how to handle himself in public situations and tried to address Ashley but was only shut down. Later, Carly tried to do with same, to which Ashley repeatedly shouted “Nope” and “shush.” Blair tried her best to assume the role of Queen Bee Mean Girl by shushing the party so they could all listen to the argument, but was rightfully shut down by Carly.

Ashley let loose, asking why she wasn’t told about their relationship “out of respect” and pointed out how Carly was always there for the ups and downs in Ashley and Troy’s relationship, though she now knows why. In Ashley’s words, Carly is a “manipulative snake.”

Ashley also said exactly what the rest of us were thinking: “I didn’t think Troy was anyone’s style.”

Ryan Is Too Good

Just quickly – Ryan is too pure for this world. Not only did he make sure he was the first to shake Dean’s hand when he walked in (no matter how hard Davina scoffed), he also sarcastically responded to all of his ex-wife’s put-downs. Only Davina would be the kind of person to continually say how much she loves someone and then insult them in the same sentence; saying, “love him to death, but I’m sick of dating boys.”

“I’m not a boy,” said Ryan.

We know.

Seriously, this writer is still reeling. I might need to take a few minutes before watching tonight’s episode. The drama is strong in this show.

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