Khloe Kardashian Is “Shocked” and Disappointed After Finding Out Sex Of Her Baby

Khloe Kardashian has finally found out the sex of her baby and her response was … pretty underwhelming.

After speculation that it would be a boy – as well as some pretty convincing ads for Keeping Up With The Kardashians that suggested the same – E! Online has just broken the news that the youngest Kardashian sister is actually expecting a baby girl!

The long-awaited announcement was made on the season finale of KUWTK, while Khloe was on a trip to San Francisco with older sisters, Kim and Kourtney.

She received a call from youngest half-sister, Kylie Jenner, who excitedly revealed the child’s gender.

“You’re having a girl!” shouted Kylie over the phone, to which a shocked Khloe replied, “You’re lying!”

Kylie, who recently gave birth to baby Stormi with Travis Scott, excitedly replied with “I’m not lying, I’m so excited for you Khloe!”

Despite the excitement of the baby, whose father is Canadian basketballer Tristan Thompson, Khloe seemed surprised and even disappointed, revealing her desire for a boy.

“I don’t feel like I’m having a girl,” she says.

Despite the giant grins of sisters Kim and Kourtney, Khloe remained unexcited, reiterating that she didn’t feel like she was having a girl “at all.”

“It’s okay, I cried when I found out North was going to be a girl too,” said Kim, while Kourtney entered the room with a large smile, saying, “I’m shocked.”

While at face value the response seems strange, Khloe went on to explain exactly why she was in a “state of shock.”

“When you have your mind made up as to what you’re having, like everyone told me you’re going to feel what you’re having and you’ll just kind of know,” she said. “And then when you find out it’s the complete opposite it’s just a shock. I just was convinced that I was having a boy, so to be having a girl it’s just like, ‘OK that wasn’t what I thought was going on.'”

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She went on to say that she hoped Kylie was “lying” and would say “[she’s] really having a boy.”

The newest addition to the next generation of Kardashian/Jenner’s is one of six girls, including Kim’s daughters North and Chicago, Kourtney’s daughter Penelope, Rob’s daughter Dream, and Kylie’s baby Stormi.

Mother and momager, Kris, tried to reassure Khloe over the phone, saying “Khloe, the only thing I wanted in life, the only thing, was a boy. Three times, and I got the three of you.”

She continued, saying, “a man is much more attached to a girl.”

She has since taken to Twitter to announce the news and express her happiness (finally?), reassuring fans that she’s thankful to be having a baby girl.

Despite her shock, we’re sure Khloe will make a fantastic mother. We’ll spend the remainder of her pregnancy hoping for a name we can create puns out of.


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