There’s nothing worse than dry, cracked and flaking lips on a normal day, let alone on the day of your wedding. Dry lips can make you look like you’re wearing a bright shade of red lipstick not to mention make it difficult for your lip colour to go on and stay on.

We spoke with Rachel Montgomery, a 3 time award winner of Australian Make-Up Artist of the Year for her best tips for how to get soft, smooth and perfect kissable lips.

What’s the secret to soft and smooth lips?
Keeping yourself hydrated is probably the number 1 way to stop your lips drying out. Also always wear a lip balm that has a SPF. Always make sure that whatever you put on your lips has NO alcohol in it. Some of the most popular lip products contain alcohol. They make your lips feel great, but are actual drying them out.

Is there a trick to keeping your lipstick on all day without it smudging/fading?
Layering and blotting will help the colour last. There are also products that help them last, e.g. Face Atelier Lip Lock, Model in a Bottle Lipstick Sealer, Lipchic Lipstick Sealer

What are your five essential products to combat dry lips?

What should you do if your lips are dry and cracked on your wedding day?
Moisturise! If you wake up to dry lips, pile on lots of balm until you absolutely have to put lipstick on. Then use a toothbrush to softly remove the dead skin off your lips. Be careful not to tear the skin. Wipe with a tissue, then add a small amount of emollient lip balm just before your lipstick. Don’t use long lasting lipstick- this will only dry out your lips again.

What’s the worst thing you can do in terms of make-up if your lips are dry and cracking?
Don’t put any foundation or concealer on cracked lips as this will make them crusty, Also stay away from long lasting lip formulas.

Is it true that you should exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush?
Yes, but you can also use a small amount of light lip balm mixed with bicarb soda- this makes a great scrub

What’s the secret to a perfect matte lip?
Use a lip liner & fill in the entire lip. Then add a coat of matte lipstick.

Any other expert beauty tips you’d like to share re: lips and lipstick?
Always use a lip liner to stop colour from bleeding. I also like to highlight the cupids bow – this make the lips appear bigger. If you have small lips, stick to paler glossy colours. Well defined, plumper lips can handle the darker fuller colours, but remember that really dark colours can make you appear older and more severe.

Rachel Montgomery is represented by Reload Agency

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