Consider this your Nails 101 lesson. If you’ve ever wondered what the differences are between acrylic and shellac nails as well as their disadvantages, this one’s for you!

So this stuff you should all know. Nail polish. It’s fun, it’s a great way to add a little colour or sparkle to your outfit. Every girl has been there! On that important date, job interview or event, your nail polish will chip without fail. This just won’t do for your wedding day!

Here are two long lasting options that will see you well into your honeymoon.

Acrylics are a plastic tip glued to the natural nail that is then covered in an acrylic liquid/powder mix. They are fantastic if you can’t grow your nails or if your nails are always uneven and weak. This is because they let your nail artist decide on the perfect (and consistent) length.

There are almost no limits on what colours you can paint them and they can be the perfect base for nail art. To remove them, you need to soak them in acetone.

There is some upkeep necessary, so keep this in mind if your honeymoon is a long one. You will need infills every 2 or 3 weeks depending on how fast your nails grow. The nail itself can lift and bacteria can collect underneath. They can damage your nails underneath and can look unnatural, so be warned!

Shellac Polish
Shellac is still the buzz of the nail industry. Taking off only a few years ago, it offers a new alternative to a long lasting manicure. This gel polish is applied onto either a natural or acrylic nail. You will need several coats, including a base coat, the coloured coat and then a top coat. Each of these is set directly under a UV light. It only takes 40 seconds and then you’re good to go for up to two weeks!

Shellac polishes are self-levelling so you won’t have any ridges or imperfections on the nail itself. Like acrylics, you will need to soak them in acetone to remove them.

If your nails are uneven or too short, shellac polishes are not for you and it’s definitely a good idea to only get them removed at a salon. And for you beach babes out there? Their one weakness is water, so they might lift and peel off if they’re exposed to too much of it.

Now, if you need a little more nail inspiration, check out our gallery on the best nail art for your big day!

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