Having a little nip and tuck before your wedding day is becoming more and more common for many brides. While some brides jump right in, others are concerned with the sometimes scary and painful side effects. And that’s not to mention the fear of looking unnatural post treatment!

But with the right cosmetic surgeon and so many non-invasive procedures, things are changing. Having a little work done before the big day doesn’t have to be such a scary and hidden secret affair.

We spoke with leading cosmetic surgeon, Dr Paul Gerachi from The Face Institute  on the variety of treatments brides are requesting as well as when and how to have these treatments performed correctly.

What non-surgical procedures do you offer at The Face Institute that would be appealing to brides?
Injectable treatments: natural, purified proteins that target wrinkle-causing muscles are used to relax them to create a rejuvenated appearance. These products are mainly used for the treatment of crow’s feet forehead lines and frown lines.

Dermal fillers: there are many options of dermal fillers. These injectables are more useful for treatment of firmly established wrinkles or larger lines of facial ageing. Fillers can also restore volume to the face and add structure as well.

Chemical peels: classified as light, medium and deep according to the depth that they penetrate the skin. Light and medium facial peels are used for superficial wrinkles and discoloration, and deep chemical peels are used for more severe conditions, like severe acne.

Injectable Rhinoplasty or “nose jobs” are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in women. Patients who are dissatisfied with the shape, angle, profile or projection of their nose often seek surgery to bring the nose more effectively into proportion with the rest of the face. This involves using dermal fillers, most commonly hyaluronic acid, to augment and smooth the nose contours.

What cosmetic procedures are you seeing brides-to-be most commonly requesting?
Brides to be are coming to us to look and feel their best in preparation for their big event. Certainly, Botox in the frown lines and around the eyes are extremely common. Fillers to enhance lips or to help combat dark circles around the eyes are also popular procedures. Brides also want their skin to be glowing. We offer a number of laser and light therapies along with milder skin hydrating therapies to help brides get the best out of their skin.

What do you advise if I’m ready to take the plunge?
Optimise your health! Healthy patients recover more quickly, have fewer complications, and achieve a more positive result. Lifestyle factors, such as exercise and diet, smoking or alcohol intake, and health conditions and associated medications, can all affect cosmetic surgery outcomes and the down time involved.

How long before their wedding day should they have these procedures done to minimise swelling, redness, etc?
The more time before their wedding day arrives the longer we have to help brides to maximise their look. Months of planning will allow for skin tightening procedures to have their full affect. Approximately a month will allow for lightening of pigmentation and ideal outcomes from fillers and related products. Skin health can also receive a significant boost. However, even with only a couple of days notice we can make significant improvements for brides to be to look their best on their big day.

How much would a procedure like Botox cost?
Botox procedures depend on the amount used which is related to how many areas in the face that are treated. A simple treatment of just the frown lines would cost around $300.00.

Have you had any wacky experiences with brides? I.e. a whole new look
Brides are usually quite sensible and really just want to look their very best when it’s one of the most important days of their life. It is not uncommon for brides to have surgery prior to their wedding, though this requires them to plan ahead for several months. There seems to be a time when people would like to finally address the characteristic about their appearance that has been bothering them. Overall however, brides tend to just want to have a little assistance in getting them looking the very best they can.

What should a bride consider if they are thinking about having a cosmetic procedure before their wedding?
Brides should consider how much time and energy they would like to invest into making themselves more beautiful for their wedding day. One of the main things to consider is that many treatments have the possibility of causing bruising and although this can be covered with makeup, it is not something that is ideal for one’s wedding day. Seek advice from your surgeon or clinic professional as early as you can to get the best results.


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