How To Be The Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Being a bride is fun but do you know what is even more exciting? Being a wedding guest. There is the celebration of love, the chance to create life-long memories with friends and family, and most importantly, you get to go shopping. If the idea of finding a wedding guest outfit fills you with dread, not to fear, we have your back. We have made wedding guest dressing easy with these five tips. It’s pretty simple, as long as you follow the cardinal rule; never wear white!

Location, Location Location

This saying is applicable in both real estate and wedding fashion. The location of the wedding will usually influence what is considered as an appropriate outfit. For example, a figure-hugging, floor-length gown wouldn’t be ideal for a rustic country wedding. It wouldn’t hurt to consult the bride if you’re still puzzled on what is appropriate. She’ll have a good idea what will fly and what won’t.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Superstition says that rain on your wedding day is good luck. We say that rain on your wedding day will create pandemonium among your stiletto wearing guests. Grass + Rain + Stilettos = No fun. Consider the different terrains you’ll encounter on your wedding adventures and choose your footwear accordingly. If you can’t seem to part with your strappy heels, have some heel stoppers on hand. This will keep both the gardeners and your shoes happy.

Jump Into A Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are an underrated and often an overlooked option for wedding guest attire. They strike as the perfect balance between practicality and style and are extremely flattering on many body shapes, providing you choose the right one. Opt for a jumpsuit with a cinched waist and flowy, wide-leg pants. This will help accentuate an hour-glass figure and give the illusion of height.

Switch It Up

Weddings are a great opportunity to flex your fashion muscles and escape your usual routine. Break your fashion rules and think outside the box (or should we say shopping cart). Look for outfits that catch your eye, even if it’s something you wouldn’t usually go for. If your everyday style is very tailored, consider wearing a floaty floral dress. If you stick to luxury fabrics and flattering shapes, you can’t go wrong.

Comfort Is Key

This rule should be applied to any occasion dressing; there is no point in looking ‘on point’ if you can’t breathe and your feet hurt.  We all have little quirks when it comes to our clothes and these don’t disappear when we go dress shopping. If you don’t like not wearing a bra, then don’t choose a dress that requires just that. Your cleavage won’t magically defy gravity on the big day and you’ll be left sobbing into your wardrobe with nothing to wear.  If you’re comfortable and confident you will look fabulous, no matter what you are wearing.

After The ‘I Do’

Unlike the bride, you have the opportunity to wear your outfit again. When choosing an outfit, consider the wearability of it after the wedding. A ditzy wrap dress can be transformed into the ultimate Sunday breakfast outfit when paired with a leather jacket and trainers. If you’re spending a small fortune on a dress, consider if you can make it stretch that extra mile.

Happy shopping!

Written by Sarah Mourtos


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