If you want to know what’s hot, Instagram will tell you (#Trending), but for bridal hair it’s always best to get a second opinion. Let’s face it, if we were to rely on Instagram, we’d all be walking done the aisle with grey #GrannyHair, multi-colour #RainbowHair or super short pixie cuts #ManHair!

Once you weed through the fads, there are some Instagram trends you must consider for your bridal hairstyle and with the help of Danielle and Deanne from Bridal Hair Culture, we’ve found the top 3 highest trending #styles!

1. The ‘Undone Ponytail’

This style is perfect for both brides and even their fashion forward bridesmaids! It allows you to show-off your locks without taking the attention away from your gown. It will give your look an edgier feel, yet it’s still an elegant style.  This ponytail has lots of volume and can be personalised by adding braids or a detailed wave.


2. The ‘Elegant Bride’

Trending all over the bridal world is this stylish, soft, polished up-do. This classic style is perfect for blondes, as it shows of those different tones in your hair and enhances your bridal gown by giving it an edge. The Elegant Bride look is a great option for all weather as its firm in place and lasts all day and night.


3. The ‘Effortless Vintage Wave’

Looking for a style that reflects your natural look, enhances your long locks and is still detailed enough for a glowing bride? This hairstyle is perfect for the bride who still wants to look like herself on her special day, but is after something just a little bit special. This look leaves the hair soft around the face and with an effortless wave from behind and works really well with a strapless gown.


Bridal Hair Culture is a Sydney based hair stylist specialising in bridal. Always at the cutting edge, Bridal Hair Culture provides personalised recommendations on matching hair to gowns and accessories.

Image 2 from Effortless Wave courtesy of Emilio B Photography.

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