Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Your Thank You Cards

There’s nothing better than celebrating your Wedding day with close friends and family.

Of course, after the Wedding come the thank you cards and notes, which tend to not be quite as fun as the Wedding! However, you’ll make a great and easy job if you follow our quick tips to writing the perfect thank you cards. Keep these simple Do’s and Don’ts in mind when writing your thank you cards.

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First things first, DO send a thank you card after your Wedding. We cannot stress this enough. If your handwriting is terrible, then it may be good to send a typewritten note.

There’s no point in sending a thank you card if your writing is illegible.

Having said that, DON’T delay writing them. If you do procrastinate, remember how long you’ve left it for. Of course, it is always worth sending a thank you note. Better late than never.

When it comes to a personal touch, DO handwrite the thank you cards yourself. It’s always sentimental when your guests read something from the heart. Just DON’T use email or phone!

Like most letters, DO check your spelling before sealing the envelope. Even then, check the envelope spelling! You wouldn’t want your card being sent to a different address.

However, there is no need for perfection, so DON’T worry about keeping everything uniform.

DO personalise each thank you card with a message to each guest or family. Something that can make them laugh or cry tears of joy. DON’T go overboard. Remember, keeping it simple always works best.

You may want to kill two birds with one stone by adding an update. We suggest writing a separate letter, or give them a call if you are interested in catching up or sharing some fortunate news.

FYI: Send a thank you note within a week after your Wedding or receiving a gift.

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