Marriage Advice You Need to Hear Before You Tie the Knot

On her Wedding day, a Bride will have the important things by her side. Whether it’s new or old, or maybe borrowed and blue, there is always something she may forget before she ties the knot.

Fear not Fairies, we’ve got you covered. Read through our top 10 pieces of marriage advice you need to hear before you wed that special someone.

1. No Blame Game

In relationships, people tend to argue constantly. Learn not to blame or shame your partner as this may create low self-esteem or worse, hatred.

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2. The Act of Sharing

Sharing is definitely caring. What could be more important than living in a home together and using one another’s gadgets, maybe toothbrush? You may have been single or independent in your previous life, but the act of sharing is vital.

3. Be Patient

A tough one. Patience is seen as a virtue, so is kindness. Women are always going to take their time so let’s not waste it bickering on the small things.

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4. The Bad Things will Pass

Whether you think you are in control, you aren’t. There will always be two people in one relationship. Bad things are sure to occur (and we’re not going to list them). When the unfortunate event arises, stay strong and believe in one another’s input and trust.

5. Trust

Ah, trust. Always get the facts before you accuse your partner of the crime. People will always talk in this world and it may not be true. If you’ve known your partner since the dawn of time, why listen to other people’s feedback?

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6. Be Spontaneous

After the two year marriage run, things can get a little dull. Spice things up once in a while with your partner to ensure that love has no boundaries. Rock climbing, sky diving, maybe water polo?

7. No Silent Treatment

We all know it and love it. But sometimes, we don’t really know what is happening in our partners mind. Why treat him mean, keep him keen if his getting tired of this game? We’re humans, not machines.

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8. Children can be Hard

Yes, this will happen later in life. But when the bundle of joys turn into children from hell, what are we to do? Stay together, work together and grow together.

9. Agree and Disagree

Communication is a two way street, though in life, we tend to view one direction. There are interests you may like or dislike with your partner. The ultimate goal is to negotiate and compromise before a disagreement turns into a fight match.

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10. Live, Laugh and Love

You only live once. No need for fights, feuds and dilemmas. Enjoy one another’s company and grow a family you will later nurture into respectful adults. Live, laugh, love always!

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