Did Cynthia Nixon Just Choose A Side In the Sex And The City Feud?

Just when you thought the saga had wrapped up (though let’s be honest, this might be going on for a while), social media brings the drama back for another round, though this time the claws aren’t so obviously out.

After Jason Lewis – aka Smith – made it more than obvious whose side he was on in the never-ending Kim Cattrall/Sarah Jessica Parker feud, Cynthia Nixon has again entered the fray with an ill-timed (or maybe purposely-timed) Instagram post.

The actress, who played Miranda on the wildly popular show, posted a photo of her and Sarah Jessica Parker together in New York, captioning it with “Old friends ran into each other at a @tmagazine shoot today…miss you @sarahjessicaparker.”

The two looked close, sharing beaming smiles for the camera and mirroring their onscreen relationship as Carrie and Miranda.

When Kim Cattrall first shared news of her brother’s passing, fans eyes were on her reaction to Cynthia’s message of condolence, with Kim responding far differently to her now famous call out of SJP.

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On Cynthia’s latest post, fans were quick to jump on either side of the feud, with some supporting Cynthia’s choice of photo and others condoning it.

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Meanwhile, SJP was overjoyed:

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No word yet on what Kristin Davis has to say, but we’re all ears.

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