How Diane Khoury Has Paved The Way For Weddings

A reception styled by Diane Khoury, a powerhouse of the wedding industry.

Discover what makes Diane Khoury a powerhouse of weddings, and the receptions that’ll leave you wanting more.

Elevating weddings and events to an art form, Diane Khoury is a name that stands out in the industry. Her impeccable taste and unparalleled expertise in wedding planning and styling have transformed the industry, setting new standards of sophistication and elegance. Step into the world of Diane Khoury and witness her creative genius at work. From opulent floral installations to breathtaking tablescapes, experience the magic that she weaves into every event, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all those who attend.

Who is Diane Khoury?

Diane Khoury among white floral arches.

Diane Khoury is an acclaimed Sydney-based wedding planner and stylist with over two decades of experience crafting extraordinary events. Her passion for creating bespoke celebrations has earned her an esteemed reputation, making her one of Australia’s most sought-after event planners. With a keen eye for detail, an exceptionally creative flair, and an unparalleled ability to bring her client’s visions to life, Diane has earned a place amongst the industry’s elite. 

What has she created?

Awe-inspiring and extravagant wedding reception with pink and white florals and accents.

Diane Khoury’s exceptional talent for crafting awe-inspiring events has resulted in some of the most lavish and extravagant weddings and events in Australia. From grand ballroom receptions to romantic garden weddings, she has an innate ability to transform any space into a captivating and enchanting setting. Her passion for creating celebrations that perfectly reflect the personalities of her clients is what sets her apart. 

“Reflecting on my experience in Weddings, both in Australia and around the world, I love creating a design that reflects the love story of each couple. I want each and every person to feel something when they walk into a DK Wedding. It is about style, elegance, opulence, and magic. I have been doing destination weddings and events for years, and know that couples are always looking for new places for their weddings, and experiences for their guests. As a planner and stylist (designer), it is so important to immerse ourselves in the region we are working with, to truly explore and celebrate all that it has to offer”, shares Diane with Wedded Wonderland.

11 Diane Khoury Weddings To Remember

Alin & Hind

Diane Khoury brought this regal affair to life for Alin & Hind, at none other than the Plaza Ballroom in Melbourne, Australia. The reception is reimagined with chandeliers at every turn and botanicals that whisk you right into a fairytale. 

A luxurious wedding reception with chandeliers and greenery by Diane Khoury.
The newlywed couple in the transformed Plaza Ballroom in Melbourne, Australia.
The bride in her gorgeous dress in her beautiful wedding reception.

Mary & Saeb

A wedding worthy of royalty, Diane works her creative wonder with a collection of cascading crystal, candlelight and delicate baby’s breath.

Candles and chandeliers make this wedding reception shine.
Gorgeous table set up with white florals and candles.
More florals and chandeliers that make the reception more luxurious and romantic.

Olivia & Lou

A dreamy design brought to life before the vibrant foliage of untamed tropics, Diane leverages a soft and creamy color palette to offer Olivia & Lou the wedding of their dreams.

Diane Khoury uses white florals to bring this wedding ceremony venue to life.
The newlywed couple among the white florals and their wedding guests.
A touch of pink florals to make the reception venue come to life.

Chris & Radah

Like something plucked out of a fairy-tale, Chris & Radah brought Diane on board to reimagine their reception with a ceiling covered in the flickering majesty.

This wedding reception is filled with sparkling lights everywhere.
The couple amidst the beautiful reception and surrounded by cascading fairy lights.
The use of florals, lights, and candles to bring a place to life.

Julia & Shaun

A romantic reception set in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, Diane reimagines the pink palette with an extravagant ceiling display that leads into a bridal podium adorned in botanicals. 

A reception with a pink palette.
This awe-inspiring wedding reception has pink florals all over it.
Diane Khoury uses her magic to bring the bride's ideas to life.

Amelia & Jordan

A wedding immersed by Hayman Island’s beautiful dreamscape, Diane brings Amelia & Jordan’s aisle to life with bounds of florals in soft ivory and blushing hues. 

A wedding ceremony by Hayman Island's beautiful dreamscape.
The happy bride in the middle of the aisle filled with stunning roses.
A little more floral and chandelier made this place come to life.

Leith & James

Transforming this divine Rivermead reception into a majestic Garden of Eden, Diane leverages the delicacy of roses, scintillating crystal, and a pastel palette to bring Leith & James’ wedding to life. 

Diane uses roses, crystal, and a pastel palette for this wedding reception.
Beautiful cake and stunning decor by Diane Khoury.
A Garden of Eden brought to life by a creative mind.

Alex & Jerry

A masterpiece of epic proportions, Alex and Jerry brought Diane on board to transform their Hunter Valley space into an otherworldly reception wrapped in fairy lights, delicate draping and mesmerizing crystal. 

Wedding reception from fairytales by Diane Khoury.
Happy newlywed couple.
The couple in their gorgeous wedding reception.

Amra & Tony

Another of Diane’s creative feats, she reimagined The Venue in Sydney with the understated use of lighting that marries effortlessly with an intricate floral ceiling. 

The Venue in Sydney is elevated with the use of botanicals and chandeliers.
Pink is everywhere in this wedding reception.
The botanicals in this wedding reception by Diane Khoury makes the place more lively.

Daniella & Martin

Harnessing the incredible space of Sydney’s Town Hall venue, Diane offers a sight to behold as the eyes meet a carefully curated floral display that is nothing short of remarkable. 

Sydney's Town Hall venue is transformed into a masterpiece with the help of floral display.
Couple walking down the aisle to their wedding reception.
The newlywed couple amidst the florals and some romantic candles by Diane Khoury.

A Celestial Celebration

A festivity for the history books, Diane works her magic under the beautiful Lebanon sky as crystal and creams weave their way through the reception space.

Crystals, blue, and cream are the colors that fill this space.
A wedding reception straight out of a fairytale by Diane Khoury.
Whimsical lights fill the reception with more magic and romance by Diane Khoury.

Diane Khoury is a true master of her craft, creating some of the most spectacular weddings and events in Australia. Her ability to transform spaces into magical settings, attention to detail, and creativity make her one of the most sought-after wedding planners and stylists in the industry. From opulent ballroom receptions to intimate garden weddings, Diane Khoury has proven time and time again that she is a true visionary in the world of wedding planning.

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