Bridgerton Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridgerton, much like Lady Whistledown, has been the talk of the town in the past year. With not one, but TWO explosive seasons, the Bridgerton aesthetic has impacted our lives!

From fashion style to hair and makeup, Bridgerton vibes have even crept into home decor. It’s no surprise that Bridgerton bridal showers are trending and in demand. Pinterest has even curated a Talk of The Ton board to assist with this demand.

Ladies, if you’ve found the Simon to your Daphne or the Anthony to your Kate, it’s time to get those puff sleeve dresses on, sit in front of your vanity and prepare for a day sipping tea with your pinky up.

Here are some ways you can incorporate the regency core aesthetic into your Bridgerton Bridal Shower… After all, you are the diamond of the season!

Invitations/ Stationary

Your Bridgerton bridal shower will need to have regency-inspired invitations. This covers everything from design to the way you address your guests. A proper ‘Lady’ before the guests’ name followed by where they come from is most appropriate. Similarly using a cursive font and a neutral-toned invitation is most ideal to really capture that vintage aesthetic.

The same goes with stationery. Use old English language as if you are Jane Austin. Fonts, colour schemes and style should be consistent across all forms of stationary to elevate and give your Bridgerton bridal shower a sophistication that the Queen herself would pine over.

Source: Erica Vernis

Dress Code

A Bridgerton bridal shower would not be complete without a precise and proper dress code put in place. From hair, make-up and… well… dress, you can undoubtedly inspire a regency core aesthetic. Dresses with short bodices, puffy sleeves and full skirts are all you need to feel as if you are at the elitist of soirées. Slip on a pair of gloves, pull your hair into an intricate updo or bun, swipe a light wash of makeup over your face and you’re all set.

Dress codes are so much fun and guests also enjoy the change of normalcy, so you won’t have a problem convincing them especially when the dresses are well accommodated for food!

Food and Drinks

The obvious choice for you Bridgerton bridal shower is a high tea. Now as fun and on theme as that is, it’s not your only choice. Picnics or fêtes champêtres (garden party), which may provide much-desired fruits such as pineapples or out-of-season strawberries, were popular among the ton.

Otherwise you can prepare an entire banquet for your Bridgerton bridal shower for a more formal gathering. Typically, the table would be vibrant and plentiful with lots and lots of food.

Source: The Graze Company
Source: Hotel Cresent Court


An elegant tablescape is required for a Bridgerton bridal shower or a formal dinner with your besties, and lace placemats are a simple way to accomplish that appearance. When it comes to Regency era decor, vintage florals are key. Bringing in florals in different scales and also pairing them with something more grounding, like solids or stripes is an effective way to create that vintage feel without overdoing it.

The Regencycore style is excellent when pearl décor is involved. Bridgerton bridal showers can be executed with a pearl theme. You may always go for a pearl jacket, pearl jewellery and hair clips, or pearl garland décor if you’re only looking for a few delicate accents.

When it comes to Bridgerton bridal party décor, the soft royal style is the way to go. Consider pastel candy hues and a plethora of floral decorations, which would complement any tea party menu. Pinterest advocates giving every inch of your home or party area a luxurious makeover, but if a full makeover isn’t in the budget, create a Bridgerton photo nook with a velvet chaise couch and flowery removable wallpaper.

Source: Erica Vernis


No pre-wedding celebration would be complete without a few entertaining activities. Plan to organise a few bridal shower activities to keep visitors entertained as they mingle with other guests and sip tea. To further indulge in the Bridgerton aesthetic, we recommend including a few Bridgerton-specific activities. Create your own printable society pages for a game of quiz or Bingo, or leave them blank so visitors may send well-wishes and marriage advise. Or even a who would you rather with the Bridgerton men… We still can’t decide between Simon and Anthony.

Source: Kara’s Party Idea


If one of your love languages is gift-giving, one of the most exciting aspects of preparing a wedding shower is putting together bridal favours for your guests. You’ll need some Regency-era favours for your Bridgerton party. Coffeegrams, small Eau de Parfum, and embroidered napkins with teaspoons are all fantastic ideas. You could even think of ways to incorporate Lady Whistledown by writing each guest their own column as a keepsake.

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