Our Favourite Wedding Makeup Looks for 2022

With the perfect makeup, you’ll have so much confidence for your perfect day! Bridal transformations are becoming as glamorous as they are natural, and we reached out to renowned Bridal makeup artists Melissa Sassine and Karla Roccuzzo to see what their take is on 2022 Wedding Makeup looks.

The Minimalist look

Choosing dewy, beautiful skin, earth-toned eyeshadow, and a nude lip with soft waves is a quick way to ensure you walk down the aisle looking your best, with an added dose of polish. It’s no question why this minimal style has become one of our favourite wedding makeup looks!

Melissa Sassine says,“I think minimalist gowns using beautiful silks are coming back and I’m all for it. It complements the ‘less is more’ makeup trends like brushed natural brows and thin to no liner, or even a shadow liner Bridal glam.” 

As well as minimal and natural makeup, a trend that has also stood out to Mel that will stick is “Bridal hair and outfit changes” throughout the big day! The goal as a Bride is to enhance your already beautiful features and as Melissa says, “beauty is the best possible version of yourself… inside and out!”

Source: Karla Roccuzzo
Source: Karla Roccuzzo

Bronze baby

Fairies, creamy brown tones are in and one of our favourite wedding makeup looks. This colour palette can quickly bring warmth and depth to any complexion when used as a monochromatic makeup look across the eyes and on the lips.

It’s silky and comfortable to wear, and despite its subtlety, it has a tremendous impression. No bride can go wrong with a kiss from the sun.

Blush tones

A swipe of monochromatic pink makeup over your eyes, cheeks, and lips is a simple way to add a burst of colour while maintaining a fresh and radiant face. It’s a timeless and sweet appearance that never goes out of style and one that will always be in our top wedding makeup looks.

Source: Melissa Sassine

Subtle shimmer

One of the makeup looks we absolutely love is the subtle shimmer. A trace of shimmer on your lids is the easiest way to brighten and accentuate your eyes.

Glowy, sheer, sparkly sweeps of colour are having a major moment, and shading is firmly taking a back seat. To finish the look, apply a light pink lip and a dab of bronzer over your cheekbones.

Source: Karla Roccuzzo

Soft matte shadows

A soft matte makeup look is the touch of sophistication every bride needs. Done with the correct tones to compliment the bride’s complexion, soft matte shadows can elevate the simplest of looks and we love seeing this on brides. This timeless style is one of the best wedding makeup looks that will never fail.

Makeup artists getting back in the game , Post-Covid.

“It is so important for us to ensure that we are organised, well trained and efficient!,” says makeup artist Karla Roccuzzo. Karla and her team are doing all that they can to accommodate the moving Brides (and are two years behind) by working hard with her team “to ensure that their communication is clear and that they’re doing their absolute best.” 

Karla herself recently tied the knot. A piece of advice offered from Karla to our Couples planning their Wedding in 2022, “Save the stress, opt for a weekday Wedding! It is incredibly difficult to match up all your Suppliers when you have a year or so of planning!… I believe that as time goes on, we will see a lot of weekday Weddings and I think it’s great – it means you can get Married sooner and will save hours of back-and-forth emails that can become incredibly stressful.”

To see more from Karla’s gorgeous wedding, click here.

Feature image: Madison Beer/ Instagram

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