If there’s one movie that every girl should know, love and be able to quote, it’s Bridesmaids. It’s rare that a Hollywood movie manages to get female friendship right, let alone the stressful parts of planning a wedding. And that’s why we love it!

If you’re not sure which Bridesmaid you might be? Read on!



Okay perhaps she’s a little lost. With a heart of gold and a few disasters behind her, the one thing that’s always clear about Annie is that she always has the best intentions. Nostalgic and a romantic at heart, she wants what is best for her friend, even when that makes her feel out of place. With all your childhood secrets, when you’re in the middle of a freak out, it’s Annie that will know what’s up and how to make it better.


Is there a nice way to say she’s the crazy one? Oblivious to what is socially acceptable and always willing to take advantage of a situation? Megan is the friend that you want on your side (and not just because of her security clearance.) The one person you can always rely to get you off the couch and make you laugh in a situation, she will keep you sane through the craziness!



The prim and proper one of the group. Helen makes a great first impression, always willing to go that extra mile (and sometimes too far for her friends.) Sophisticated and that girl that seems a little bit standoffish at first? All you Helens out there are likely to be found with a glass of pink lemonade and reservations for the latest hot spot. Of course, when you peel back the layers, there’s a genuine person who’s just looking for a real connection and a way to avoid her ugly crying.

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