Brace yourself Australia – this is the time of year when most couples breakup

If you thought springtime was all about chirping birds, pretty flowers and beach weather… you thought wrong! According to new research by eHarmony, spring is also the season for break-ups.

The study, which focused on dating trends, showed that 29% of Aussie couples end things during spring. Are you wondering why? Well, the most popular reasons include ‘not in love with their partner’, ‘infidelity’ and ‘their partner wasn’t in love with them’.

eHarmony psychologist and relationship guru, Jacqui Manning explained the reason is because spring is all about cleaning out your life (and your boyfriend…).

“Spring is the time of rebirth and where the urge to purge can be strong. While we’ve always associated this with ‘spring cleaning’ our home, the fact we can do this with our relationships may come as a surprise.”

“Spring is when we look ahead at what is going right and what is going wrong, so it can highlight the problems in our relationships, and it’s also the time of year when we feel like getting out and socialising more, after being cooped up through the winter months.

However, Fairies, there is a positive to all this! If you and your boo breakup in springtime, there’s a surge in other single and eligible bachelors out there – because they’ve just broken up with their partner too!

It seems spring is the month for dating!


Image from Zeynep and Alkan’s pre-Wedding shoot. Photography by Iki Hayat Bir Kare.

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